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Like a Flower: Flower Names for Your Little Baby

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When it’s time to choose Name For our baby, surely we already have one in mind or we have at least some idea of ​​what we want it to be called or the characteristics that we want that name to have: for example, that it be short, simple, with personality and, above all, that it be stick to the personality she will have. In this article we will talk about flower names for your little baby.

If we think about it, choosing a name represents a great responsibility, since this will be their letter of introduction throughout their lives, and the last thing we want is for them to be dissatisfied or unhappy with their own name, right?

For this reason, we have compiled the 5 names of flowers that are perfect for your little baby, get to know them!

Flower names

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This is the official flower of Mexico, so if what you are looking for is a small approach to your roots, the name Dalia will be the ideal to achieve your goal. It is a versatile flower that can be found in multiple colors, such as orange, pink, red, purple and white; It has the ability to die and be reborn thanks to its strong roots, which are capable of protecting the tubers, which will help it to flourish in spring.

flower names



«That’s why I sing to you, my little alelí cocoon, give me your seductive aroma and a little bit of your love» So reads the lyrics of the composer Rafael Hernández who has been around the world; and it is that this flower has a very particular aroma that is able to perfume any place where it is. It has great beauty and can acquire different colors such as white, yellow and purple, making it perfect for decorating gardens or serving as a centerpiece at an important party.

This flower is undoubtedly delicate, but its presence will never go unnoticed, no matter where you go.


This name, in addition to being beautiful, represents a flower that is large and colorful by nature. It contains properties that allow it to be considered ornamental plants, but also capable of favoring the needs of human beings; robust and delicate, this flower is able to withstand warm temperatures and is recognized as one of the strongest, and perhaps that is why it is known as the flower of hope.

[interest img=”,q_auto/v1554309222/C%C3%B3mo-llamar-a-tu-beb%C3%A9-el-significado-de-los-nombres-cl%C3%A1sicos-MainPhoto_yr3vg2.jpg” url=”” title=”Nombres de bebé clásicos: Cómo elegirlos y qué significan “]


This is undoubtedly a name with a great personality that is capable of transmitting a wide range of emotions, such as peace, tranquility and calm. This may be due to the delicate aroma that these colorful flowers they emanate, or the way they are able to bloom in winter and herald the new hope that comes with spring.


Daisy flower

This is one of the prettiest flower names. It has served as an inspiration for the great poets, who have referred to daisies as a delicate flower, full of innocence and hope, which represents all the goodness that human beings are capable of feeling. These flowers can become large in size, as they can measure up to a meter in height, incredible!

Its white color represents the purity and innocence of childhood or a sincere love, so do not hesitate to use this name for your little baby, we are sure that both she and you will love it.

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