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Suspicions confirmed? Lewis Hamilton drops a hint after rumors of romance with Shakira (VIDEO)

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  • Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton breaks his silence!
  • Did he confirm romance rumors about Shakira?
  • Fans are thrilled about the possible new couple.

Lewis Hamilton drops a hint about Shakira: British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and international superstar Shakira have raised suspicions about a possible romance. After they were seen together on several occasions, many fans of the Si Te Vas singer suspect that they are more than friends.

After Shakira split with Piqué, she has not gone public with a new relationship. However, recent statements made by the 38-year-old driver confirm she’s his type of woman.

Lewis Hamilton drops a hint about romance with Shakira

PHOTO: Getty Images

A few months ago, the singer was seen with the Formula 1 driver, which was a great surprise for her fans, since she broke up with Piqué a long time ago and she hadn’t been seen looking so happy in a long time.

Now people are sharing more and more evidence online about a possible romance but this has not been confirmed by the singer or the driver.

Lewis Hamilton surprises everyone with his recent statements


On June 4, Lewis Hamilton took the opportunity to send a strong message during an interview, making clear what type of woman he’s looking for. What he said is being interpreted by many people as a clear hint about Shakira.

«I need to find a Latina,» said the race car driver while the audience screamed with excitement. His statements were seen by Shakira’s fans as a hint that he may be interested in her.

Why Shakira visited Barcelona after moving to Miami

Lewis Hamilton launches hint Shakira
The video immediately began to go viral, and journalist Chamonic shared more details about Shakira’s surprise visit to Barcelona, where she lived before moving to Miami.

«It should be mentioned that Shakira is in Barcelona because she went to leave her children Milan and Sasha with their father (Piqué) because of the child custody agreement,» Chamonic said on Instagram.

Internet users weigh in

Lewis Hamilton launches hint Shakira

«I hope it’s true, she deserves to be happy after so much drama with Queen Piqué.» «The truth is that they look very good together whether they are friends or not.» «Lewis has his thing just like her.» «I love happy endings.» «I hope so,» some Internet users commented.

In a recent video by Mhoni Vidente on El Heraldo de Mexico‘s YouTube channel, Mhoni read her cards and said that the ex-soccer player is planning ‘revenge’. “That is telling us that a war without quarter and without parameters is coming, because Piqué is very vengeful… He fell in love first and left Shakira alone…” said the psychic.

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