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Leslie Gallardo reveals all the details after being expelled from La Casa de los Famosos

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Leslie Gallardo is expelled (Photo: Telemundo)
  • Leslie Gallardo is expelled from Casa de los Famosos
  • Changes in personality for growth.
  • Reviews for departure and love.

In an exclusive interview, Leslie Gallardo, the second eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos, shared her perspective on her departure from the reality show.

«I’m very calm about my decision,» said Leslie, who has come under fire for her participation in the show.

«Many people think that I did it out of cowardice or fear, of course I was afraid, I wanted to go out.»

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Photo: MundoNOW

«It’s the most difficult reality show I’ve ever been in, it’s a soap opera in real life, it’s very strong.»

«It’s an isolated bubble but my peace and tranquility are not worth 200 thousand dollars.»

Additionally, Leslie was candid in admitting that she is working to change aspects of her personality that may have influenced her performance on the show.

«If I could change something about myself, it would be to not try to get so hooked on situations,» she said.

Lupillo in love with Thali García?

thali garcia, thali and mande, thali the house of the famous, the divaza
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Regarding her interactions with other personalities on the program, Leslie mentioned her disagreements with the Mexican Thali García.

Leslie surprised with a statement about Lupillo’s feelings towards Thali.

«Everyone in the house thinks that Thali victimizes herself to win over the public. She is a person who has a very strong mask, she has bipolarity.»

«Without mincing words I feel that Lupillo is falling in love with Thali, Thali reminds him a lot of Belinda,» confessed Leslie Gallardo

Did Leslie Gallardo leave because of love?

Leslie Gallardo expelled, the house of the famous, alfredo adame, the fight, Emilio Marcos
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The public has criticized Leslie for asking to leave the reality show, especially after she mentioned wanting to do so to see her boyfriend, Emilio Marcos.

With the son of Niurka she has been in a relationship for two months and has confessed to being deeply in love. In response to criticism, Leslie responded:

«Being so in love didn’t work against me at all, it made me stronger: Emilio is a blessing in my life, he is a wonderful man.»

«Only he and I know how magical our relationship is. I see myself married in white, walking towards the sea with this man and with 57 babies.»

Leslie Gallardo is expelled: She leaves calmly

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Leslie Gallardo appears calm and confident in her decision to leave La Casa de los Famosos.

«But I’m left with the fact that I was always me, transparent and authentic until the end, whoever likes it.»

Although she faced criticism for her exit and her romantic relationship, Leslie remains firm in her convictions.

She shows gratitude for her experiences in the program while continuing to work on her personal growth.

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