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León Krauze breaks the silence after dismissal from Univisión

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León Krauze's dismissal from Univision (PHOTO Getty Images)
  • Star journalist León Krauze fired unexpectedly.
  • Krauze breaks silence after dismissal.
  • Unknown: reason behind his departure.

Journalist and presenter León Krauze said goodbye to Univisión with an emotional video published on the X platform (formerly Twitter) after his surprising dismissal from the network.

The communicator shared a message thanking him for the support received throughout more than 13 years of working at Univisión.

In the video description, Krauze announced his departure from Noticias Univisión with a message of gratitude.

«Yesterday I stopped working at Univision News. I appreciate the countless expressions of support I have received from so many people. See you very soon!» , he expressed.

He shows gratitude despite his dismissal from Univisión

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The above, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his professional career.

The Mexican journalist emphasized his gratitude towards the teams he worked with, especially highlighting his time in Los Angeles and Miami.

He highlighted the importance of his experience in developing community journalism and building a strong relationship with his colleagues and friends in Los Angeles.

Without abandoning his connection with the audience, Krauze recognized the privilege of serving viewers night after night.

A message of commitment

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He was also grateful for the support and interaction over all those years.

«I leave very grateful to our great audience, whom I had the privilege of serving day after day, night after night, for all these years,» the journalist shared.

But beyond the farewells, León Krauze focused his message in the unwavering commitment to journalism that illuminates realities and gives a voice to those who do not have one.

«My commitment has been, is and will continue to be with journalism that gives light and voice to those who do not have them,» he commented in the short video.

People react to the unexpected departure

reasons, statement, confirmed, León Krauze, MundoNow.
León Krauze breaks the silence after dismissal PHOTO Getty Images

«That has been my path and will continue to be,» he said, reaffirming his firm conviction to continue on the path of committed and enlightening journalism.

The video, which received more than 3 thousand reactions on the platform as of the writing of this note, generated endless messages of support and solidarity towards Krauze.

«Congratulations for everything you have achieved and for your voice and congruence, brother! Big hug of solidarity «, expressed one user, highlighting the integrity and coherence in his work.

Another comment reflected respect and admiration for his professionalism: «My recognition of the professionalism, seriousness and impartiality that has distinguished you in journalism.»

«New stage is already on the way»

León Krauze breaks the silence after dismissal PHOTO Shutterstock

«Good luck in your next project. You will be missed,” added the user of platform X (formerly Twitter).

«Hug friend. Better things are coming» , was one of the message of support that highlighted confidence in his professional future, reflecting support for Krauze in this new stage.

Users also emphasized their contribution to quality journalism and the Hispanic community:

«I wish you the best, dear @LeonKrauze. Everything you want for this new stage is already on its way. You’ve worked on it. You deserve it. I hug you».

He says goodbye to the television network

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Another message emphasized its relevance in the journalistic world and the impact of his work on society:

«Congratulations on your outstanding work, dear @LeonKrauze. You have upheld the truth and served the community, while also holding the powerful to account. These are the most valuable accolades for someone in your profession.»

Amidst expressions of appreciation and recognition, the comments highlighted the notable professional work of the Mexican León Krauze.

Thus marking a farewell full of gratitude and respect for his career at Univisión. To see the journalist’s statement click here.

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