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Lele Pons proudly shows off her cellulite in tight shorts

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  • Lele Pons shows off her body without filters.
  • The influencer revealed her cellulite in tight shorts.
  • Her followers applaud her body positive message.

Lele Pons, the queen of social media, was trending again for showing off her body without filters. She sent a message of body positivity. She often shares these kinds of posts encouraging her followers to love themselves, which is why she’s such a favorite on social media.

In recent weeks, singer and influencer Lele Pons become even more popular because of her lavish wedding to singer Guaynaa, which was one of the most anticipated events among fans. Personalities like Paris Hilton, Chayanne — who is Pons’s uncle — Becky G and others attended.


Photo: Instagram

On Instagram, Lele Pons once again caused a furor and this time it was not because of her wedding photos with her husband, singer Guaynaa. The influencer shared a couple of photos with Eliane Gallero and Daryy. But, that was not what caught everyone’s attention…they all showed off their cellulite.

“BODY POSITIVITY 🙏🏼👏🏼 love you girls! SON BELLÍSIMAS !!” wrote the influencer. AHer fans did not hesitate to show their support and send affectionate messages to the singers.

«You are so real»

"you are so real"
Photo: Instagram

Personalities like Olga Tañón commented on the post shared by the Se te Nota singer. Likewise, some of her followers congratulated her for taking these photos and sharing them, because most of the time influencers prefer to use filters.

“You are so real! I love that you make all the girls understand that this is all part of life and that perfection does not exist! That what matters is the attitude and independent positivism, there are setbacks.» «Women are perfect just as we are.» «I love it because you are real, you do not pretend to be perfect like other celebrities and you teach us self-esteem,»

Were some people critical of Lele Pons’s body positive message?

Lele Pons boasts cellulite: Don't you believe him?
Photo: Instagram

Several internet users made negative remarks saying she is «normalizing laziness and bad habits.» They claimed it’s not normal to «have that amount of cellulite» and it shouldn’t be applauded.

“If you love it, why don’t you post all of them like this? I’m just saying.” “I respect the opinion of each one, if they feel happy, so, good for them, for my part, at that age I don’t remember ever having had that amount of cellulite.” “Normalize laziness and bad habits food.” “Soon people will begin to eat unhealthy so that they get cellulite thinking that it is a trend.”

What is body positivity?

Lele Pons boasts cellulite: What is cellulite? "body positive"?
Photo: Instagram

Lele Pons often shares images where she shows her body without filters which is why she’s promotes body positivity. This movement is a response to people’s fear of showing their ‘real’ bodies feeling pressure to look a certain way.

«The Body Positive Movement or body positivity is a psychosocial and cultural movement that arises in response to the negative consequences caused by the unattainable beauty standards established by society as an institution,» says Body Positive.

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