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Lele Pons shares lingerie pics with Guaynaa on their honeymoon (PHOTOS)

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  • The celebrity couple is enjoying an incredible honeymoon.
  • They posted spicy photos.
  • Lele Pons poses in lingerie with her new husband.

The wedding of influencer Lele Pons and rapper Guaynaa was a huge success because, in addition to them being one of the most influential couples of the moment, the luxurious wedding was attending by many stars including Lele Pons’ uncle, Chayanne.

Days later the Rebota rapper and comedian Lele Pons went on a lavish honeymoon and it seems that they are enjoying being married to the fullest. Lele sparked controversy after posting a spicy photo with her husband.

Lele Pons and Guaynaa’s lavish wedding

Lele Pons appears with intimate clothing
PHOTO: Instagram

Lele Pons and Guaynaa had a lavish wedding with celebrity guests such as Paris Hilton, Kimberly Loaiza, Chayanne, Anitta, Natti Natasha, Becky G, and various influential personalities from social media.

The rapper and the beautiful influencer said ‘I do’ more than a week ago and seemed madly in love throughout the ceremony. After this, Lele and Guaynaa went on their honeymoon where, according to photos, they’re having a great time.

Guaynaa and Lele post cheeky photos!

Lele Pons appears with intimate clothing
PHOTO: Instagram

A few days ago, singer, Lele Pons, shared a series of daring images posing with her husband. Lele wears sexy red lingerie and Guaynaa is in boxer briefs.

The newlyweds went to Dubai for their honeymoon: ‘Honeymoon (Dubai)’ wrote the American-Colombian singer. The photos sparked controversy, as some internet users thought they were too racy.

Criticism of Lele Pons’ honeymoon photos

PHOTO: Instagram

«I think it’s in poor taste… Ok, the wedding, but posting something that is your privacy is the worst.» «It stops being intimate when those involved post it on social networks, so stop the drama.» «On the honeymoon, the last thing that is done is posting photos, time isn’t enough but they have plenty of it, what a barbarity,» some people commented on Suelta la Sopa’s Instagram.

On the other hand, Lele Pons shared a photograph on Instagram of herself in a tub with rose petals, which also sparked a great controversy because she’s completely naked — though she’s covered by bubbles.

Guaynaa is flattered on social media

PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, Guaynaa received many compliments and thousands of women went crazy after seeing him in his boxers as they say that’s why Lele was «obsessed» with him: «No wonder Lele was obsessed.» «I understand Lele, I wouldn’t leave that man either.” “Lele the great package you took with you.”

«I would also marry such a PIECE of a man.» «My gaze was lost.» «We already know what Lele saw in Guaynaa.» Either way the couple looks quite happy enjoying their honeymoon in Dubai.

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