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Laura Flores reveals that she suffered a cerebral microinfarction after a cosmetic procedure

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Laura Flores had a health scare (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Laura Flores had a health scare.
  • The actress spoke out about what happened.
  • A cosmetic procedure went wrong.

Laura Flores, the renowned actress and presenter, recently talked about her health scare.

She created an uproar on social media after opening up to her million followers.

It all happened after the actress went to have a cosmetic procedure that didn’t go as planned.

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Laura Flores had a health scare

Actress, Health, Diagnosis, Controversy, Laura Flores suffers microinfarction
Photo: Mezcalo

Laura Flores used her official Instagram account to share her experience.

The Tu Vida es Mi Vida actress revealed that she suffered a cerebral microinfarction, which she directly attributes to a treatment she underwent to eliminate varicose veins.

“I had always had sclerotherapy treatment, where you inject the veins in your legs when they look like spiders,” she began by saying.

“I went to a dermatologist and they disappeared. I was doing it every six months for the last 20 years,” she continued.

A cosmetic procedure goes wrong

Health, Doctor, Treatment, Heart attack, Celebrities
Photo: Mezcalo

The health scare left Laura with a brief but worrying paralysis, and she was temporarily unable to speak.

“The week before Easter, after I went in the morning to do my sclerotherapy treatment, at night, I had a cerebral microinfarction,” she said.

“I was with my sister at her house watching television and I had a microinfarction,” she reiterated in her Instagram video.

“My right arm was paralyzed, half of my face I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t articulate a word,” said the presenter.

Laura Flores warns about the dangers of sclerotherapy

Laura revealed that after spending 40 seconds trying to speak, she was finally able to ask to be taken to the hospital, where she was stabilized.

After that, she traveled from Mexico to her home in the United States, where she was hospitalized for two days for observation.

She also explained, “The scar appears, it is like a little white dot on my brain, the scar left by this clot that was getting stuck and passed.”

“That is to say, I’m miraculously alive and I was in the middle of filming Mi Vida es Tu Vida, Laura Flores shared, along with a message for her fans.

She stresses the importance of seeing a specialist

laura flores has a health scare, Sclerotherapy, cerebral microinfarction, varicose veins
Laura Flores had a health scare / Photo: Meznivel

“If you are in this, go to an angiologist, don’t go to a miracle doctor, don’t go to a dermatologist,” the actress stressed.

“To do an in-depth study of your health and your propensity to experience a clot. What happened to me could happen to you and a certified dermatologist did it to me,” she emphasized.

“I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through, because of something stupid like the sclerotherapy treatment done by someone who is not an angiologist,” she concluded.

According to Laura Flores, sclerotherapy consists of injecting a solution directly into the affected veins.

The importance of vascular health

laura flores has a health scare, Sclerotherapy, cerebral microinfarction, varicose veins
Photo: Screenshot IG Laura Flores

This causes an inflammatory reaction in the walls of the vein, closing it and scarring it over time.

Although it is generally a safe procedure, as Laura pointed out, it is crucial that it be performed by a specialist.

An angiologist is trained to perform sclerotherapy.

They can also diagnose and treat a variety of conditions related to veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels. To see the video where Laura Flores talks about her health scare click HERE.

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