Inicio » English » Laura Bozzo gets protection because they want to send her to jail for what she did (PHOTO)

Laura Bozzo gets protection because they want to send her to jail for what she did (PHOTO)

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Laura Bozzo amparo cárcel Laura en América
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  • Laura Bozzo gets an amparo to avoid going to jail for some accusations
  • Apparently he has problems with the treasury and protects himself against eventual arrest in Mexico
  • Whoever was Laura’s driver in America has already had legal problems in the country

The driver of Peruvian origin and who hosted Laura’s program in America, Laura Bozzo, gets an amparo to avoid going to jail unless there is a warrant for apprehension, according to information provided by the news agency of The universal.

It was reported that a judge The federal government managed to prevent any order to arrest the television host, Laura Bozzo.

This resource is apparently sought by the controversial Peruvian presenter, because she has some problems with the Tax Administration System.

Image taken from Instagram @laurabozzo_of

According to the Instagram account of @ chicapicosa2, he currently has a debt of more than 17 million pesos with the treasury.

Given this, whoever was Laura’s driver in America, intends to protect herself against an eventual arrest for this same issue and has already put her lawyers to work and apparently these efforts have already paid off quickly.

Let us remember that this is not the first time that Laura Bozzo has found herself involved in a legal situation, for which she has now sought protection to avoid going to jail.

And it is that recently the couple of artists formed by Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto, went to formalize the complaint against her for her sayings against him.

So they are not only looking for her for money reasons, but for her public statements against the actor due to family problems.

On the next page we will leave you the details about this appeal that Laura Bozzo took to avoid stepping on jail.

It was the Fourth District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City who granted a provisional suspension to Bozzo so that she would not be arrested unless an arrest warrant is presented against her for a crime that requires informal preventive detention.

“Laura Cecilia Bozzo is granted provisional suspension for the following purposes: If the order that is claimed was issued for the crime of informal preventive detention referred to in article 19 of the Constitution, based on article 166, section I, of the Amparo Law; so that once she is deprived of her liberty, she remains at the disposal of this court only with regard to her liberty in the place where she is confined, and at the disposal of the trial judge for its continuation “, the judge specified in file number 456/2020.

“In the event that the arrest warrant issued against the victim is for a crime that does not provide for an unofficial preventive detention, based on numeral 166, section II, of the Amparo Law; so that the complainant is not deprived of her liberty due to said order ”.

But not everything is so easy, since so that this protection can be activated in favor of Laura Bozzo so that she does not go to jail, the judge decreed that she must pay at least 100,000 pesos with what is sought, in case of being present an arrest warrant, do not leave the action of justice.

Image taken from Instagram @ chicapicosa2

Given the news that Laura Bozzo, who hosted Laura’s program in America, is seeking protection to avoid stepping on jail, some people commented on their opinion on the @ chicapicosa2 account.

The first impression of one of the followers was the following: “Throw it to your banana country, that easy, with everything and sarcophagus.”

Another person considered that here in Mexico she achieved what she wanted: “She has served the Mexicans very well, for something they do not want her in their country.”

One more woman made it clear what she thinks of the Peruvian driver and wrote the following: “Arrogant old woman.”

“Out with the wretch! Get the fu… out of Mexico !! Bye mummy “,” that he pays what he owes “and” I hope the cheater lady pays all that he owes “, were some of the demonstrations of the people before the news.

Laura in America

Image taken from Instagram @laurabozzo_of

Just on August 23, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva ratified their complaint against the driver Laura Bozzo for alleged harassment, threats and defamation, however, she is now seeking protection to avoid going to jail for another matter.

As it will be remembered, all this was triggered, by a few words that the host said on YouTube and in the popular program El Gordo y La Flaca, on the Univision television network.

There, Laura Bozzo accused the actor of not taking care of his daughters that he had with actress Geraldine Bazán, for allegedly preferring to be with the actress of Russian origin.

In the first images that circulated through social networks, the actors could be seen entering the offices of the Prosecutor’s Office.

After ratifying the lawsuit against Laura Bozzo, the outlook for the Peruvian does not look promising, so she will have to repair the damage in some way.

According to what should be followed in the process, with this ratification, now the presenter must go to the authorities to explain the words she said in public.

However, it has been indicated that at no time, will she be able to establish contact with Gabriel Soto’s daughters, because they are minors.

Laura Bozzo jail protection

Image taken from Twitter @PeriodicoZocalo


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