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Daniel Suárez’s superpower: His Latino family

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Diego Silva/MundoNow
  • What is Daniel Suárez’s superpower? The support of his family at the most important moments in his life.
  • Encouraged by his family and by the Latino community, the Mexican driver dreams of more victories.
  • Learn more about Daniel Suárez, the Mexican driver who is conquering the Nascar circuits.

Daniel Suárez’s superpower: His beginnings in motorsport

Diego Silva/MundoNow

From a very young age, Daniel Suárez understood that his path was linked to cars. What he never imagined is that he would not pursue a career like his father, who always worked restoring cars, but that he would live his professional life on a race track far from his homeland in Monterrey.

The Mexican driver, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, always had a great affinity for collectible cars. After all, his father always dedicated himself to restoring old cars, something that aroused in him a love for speed and driving. As a child, his life took a 180° turn when one of his friends invited him to visit a go-kart track. There, Daniel discovered the excitement and adrenaline of driving at full speed. That is why he returned to the race track week after week until his father noticed something in him that Daniel himself had not yet realized.

The origin of a passion for cars: The day Daniel Suárez began his career in motorsport

Suárez with his Latino Family
Diego Silva/MundoNow

After noticing his talent for driving go-karts, Daniel’s father had a serious talk with his son, leading him to contemplate, for the first time, the possibility of pursuing a professional career in motorsports.

This possibility, however, did not come without setbacks. In addition to growing up in a family where no one was a race car driver, Daniel’s family’s financial resources were not optimal for pursuing a career in professional motorsport. However, that was not an impediment to achieving his dreams. Focused and intelligent — this is how Daniel Suárez’s mother describes her son who, before turning to motorsport, enjoyed the disciplines of soccer and karate. These two activities were forgotten when the taste for driving go-karts was awoken in the young man.

The driver with his Latino family
Diego Silva/MundoNow

Today, the Mexican driver is far from his homeland, but he feels closer than ever to his Latino family, on and off the Nascar race tracks. He remembers the sacrifices his loved ones have made to keep him going… their professional dreams. Before arriving on the Nascar circuits, Daniel’s parents mortgaged the family home to financially support their son, knowing that his dreams were backed by his talent. It was a decision that has undoubtedly been rewarding both for the driver as well as for his closest family.

Currently, Suárez is a benchmark in Mexican motorsports and he is ready to set new goals, with the certainty that he will always be surrounded by people who have believed in him since day one. Today, one of his biggest dreams has come true: Being able to help the people he loves, proving that all the sacrifices have been worth it and proving once again that the support of his family and the community are key to achieving his goals.

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