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A Latino couple who was kidnapped by Hamas is found dead

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Israel, Hamas-Israel war, victims
Latinos found dead after being kidnapped (Photo:
  • A kidnapped Latino couple was found dead.
  • They were taken by Hamas.
  • Causalities in the Israel-Hamas war rise.

Tragic news has shocked the international community with the confirmation that a Latino couple has been found dead.

This happened in the middle of the Israel-Hamas war, various media outlets indicated a few hours ago.

The Foreign Ministry of Peru, in a statement issued on Saturday, reported on the tragic news about a Peruvian citizen and her Argentinian husband.

They had been kidnapped along with other members of their family during the attack carried out by Hamas militants in Israel on October 7 in the southern part of the country.

Latino couple is found dead

 Middle East, call, communities, armed conflict, lifeless encounter,

According to the official statement from the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, the couple was identified as Margit Shnaider and her husband, whose name was not revealed.

Along with other family members, they had been missing since the date of the Hamas attack.

«The Foreign Ministry regrets to announce that fellow national Margit Shnaider and her husband, of Argentine nationality, who were missing since the attacks of last October 7, have been found dead.»

The message was shared on social media.

Heartbreaking kidnapping in Israel

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The government of Peru expressed its strongest repudiation of the couple’s murder and of any violence that endangers people’s lives.

However, no details were provided about the circumstances in which they were found or the whereabouts of the rest of their family members.

Five families have lost their lives in total, according to the Peruvian Ambassador to Israel.

Video of Margit Shnaider after she was kidnapped was leaked on social media. In it, she’s surrounded by frightened family members, including children.

The pain of a family trapped in the conflict

kidnapped, Israel, Hamas-Israel war, victims

The institution also offered its condolences to the family and friends of the victims.

«Our Embassy in Israel and the missions in the region continue to work tirelessly to assist the Peruvian community that could be affected,» the message concluded.

This tragic incident increases the number of Peruvians killed as a result of the conflict in Israel.

According to The Associated Press, Hamas terrorist attacks in Israeli on October 7 left at least 1,400 dead and 210 hostages.

The fight for peace in the Middle East

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Israel’s subsequent response with bombings on the Gaza Strip has claimed the lives of at least 4,469 people, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The international community observes with concern the deteriorating situation in the region, and various world leaders have urged an immediate end to the violence.

Humanitarian organizations have reiterated the need to protect civilians caught in the middle of this confrontation.

It is important that communities are united, as many have shown support for Israel in these difficult times.

Global condemnation and a call for diplomacy

Israel, Hamas-Israel war, victims, Middle East

As time passes, authorities have taken on the task of reiterating that the loss of life is unacceptable under any circumstances.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel has generated a wave of international condemnation and an urgent call for the resumption of peace talks.

The international community advocates for a diplomatic solution and respect for human rights, according to El Heraldo de México.

They aim to put an end to the violence and suffering of the civilian population in the region. To see a photo of the Peruvian couple click HERE.

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