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The beloved Latin presenter Miguel Cedeño dies (PHOTOS)

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Muere el querido presentador latino Miguel Cedeño (FOTOS)
  • He had a terrible illness.
  • He died suddenly at the age of 35.
  • He had recently started treatment

A new tragedy leaves the world of entertainment grieving since the death of the beloved Latin presenter Miguel Cedeño was confirmed in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The host had just started treatment after being diagnosed with cancer.

He had just started chemotherapy and his radiotherapy sessions in May, according to El Universo. “God the glory is yours! Going back to @debocaenbocatc was the best, I’ll soon be cured if your will allows it! I’m counting on you!” said Miguel Cedeño’s last Instagram post.

He had returned to television after a terrible illness

He had returned to television after his terrible illness
Instagram photo

According to the outlet, the beloved presenter was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2021, which caused him to step away from television. However, he managed to return and reunite with his companions Silvana Torres, Emilio Pinoargote, among others, after seven months.

It was the host himself who confirmed the terrible news of his illness on January 21 on his official Instagram account. “When my doctor told me ‘Miguel you have cancer’ many images ran through my mind,” said the beloved presenter from Ecuador.

Miguel Cedeño told the world how he found out he had cancer

Miguel Cedeño told the world how he found out he had cancer
Instagram photo

“First my mom who was by my side and never let go of my hand. Then my sister, family, my beautiful friends, my beautiful followers and you who are reading me. ‘IS IT A NIGHTMARE? IT CANNOT BE TRUE!’ It was literally as if I woke up from a tsunami and it took me to another reality that was not mine! Because I? Because today? Why this? Unanswered questions that I am sure will come only with time,” Miguel Cedeño wrote on Instagram.

“Did I cry? Of course! It’s hard? Yes! But thank God it is not impossible for me to overcome it. God is with me during this process (and not because I have cancer I turn to God) those who know me know that God and the Virgin have been my fundamental pillars,” says the post.

“May you rest in peace and may perpetual light shine for you”

"May you rest in peace and perpetual light shine for you"
Instagram photo

On the program De boca a boca, which Miguel Cedeño hosted, he managed to create a segment that began when the effects of chemotherapy made it hard for him to eat, according to El Universo. In this segment, the cases of people who were also going through the terrible disease were highlighted.

“May God protect you and keep you strong. With all my heart I wish you a speedy recovery in the name of Jesus,” a follower commented at the time. “May you rest in peace and may perpetual light shine for you Miguel dear… you were and will always be an icon of Ecuadorian TV and of the LGTBI community. May God receive you in his arms,” ​​another user commented after the news of his death.

“We will always miss you”

"we will always miss you"
Instagram photo

“We will always miss you, strength to all. We will remember you. Still assimilating this unfortunate news” “Rest, Cherry, nothing is going to hurt you anymore and you will be able to laugh again without pain.” “Rest in peace, my little cherry… Who would have imagined that this was a farewell meeting with all your friends,” were some of the comments that emerged after his death.

On his official Instagram account, Miguel Cedeño shared images of his day to day. “Cancer is a word, not a sentence,” the beloved Latino presenter had written at the beginning of his Instagram bio. From #MundoNOW We wish Miguel Cedeño to rest in peace.

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