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Wrestler Latin Lover shares a post from his hospital bed

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  • Latin lover shared a post from his hospital bed.
  • The former professional wrestler explained what happened.
  • «I ask you to send me good vibes,» Víctor Manuel Reséndez posted.

The Mexican wrestler, presenter and actor Latin Lover caused a stir on social media by announcing that he is in the hospital due to an illness that required delicate surgery. He shared the news on social media and asked his followers to pray for his health.

After his announcement, various figures from show business sent him good vibes. The popular Mexican wrestler and actor remains active on social media. His latest project was Bola de Locos on Televisa on May 13.


Photo: Instagram

Víctor Manuel Reséndez, better known as Latin Lover, confirmed on social media that he is in poor health and had to undergo surgery. In the post, the actor pointed out that it is necessary for people to know the reality of the situation and not just what is presented on Instagram, which is why he shared a photo from the hospital.

«We are used to sharing only beautiful things on social media as if everything were perfect, the reality is that it is not,» wrote Latin Lover in the post he shared on Instagram. The actor had a good attitude despite his poor health.

«I confess that I was afraid»

"I confess that I was afraid"
Photo: Instagram

According to Víctor Reséndez, he went to the hospital to undergo spinal surgery and also revealed that he had undergone several similar surgeries over the years. Unlike the previous ones, this procedure was more delicate and therefore he was afraid. The actor pointed out that social media will never show the reality of the situation.

«The only Perfect thing is God. Today I had spinal surgery in the morning, and although I have had several throughout my life, I confess that I was afraid,» said the Mexican presenter.

What will happen to Latin Lover?

Latinlover performed delicate surgery: What will happen to the actor?
Photo: Instagram

In the post, he stated that the surgery went well but that he needs another operation. For this reason, he asked his followers and friends to send good vibes and also pray for him to recover from this condition soon.

«Thank God it went well, but there’s another cervical surgery to go. That’s where I ask of you, send me good vibes, and if you can, a prayer. See you soon, God willing,» said the actor at the end of the post.

«God will take care of you»

Latinlover performed delicate surgery: "God will take care of you"
Photo: Instagram

Friends and fans sent him good vibes and wished him a speedy recovery. One of them was Maribel Guardia, who asked the angels for his health and also David Zepeda, who wished him a speedy recovery.

«I send you a legion of green angels (those of healing) I love you very much.» «Strength my bro! God will take care of you.» «Get well soon my dear Latin.» «May everything go well bud!» «Blessings and may you recover as quickly as a fifteen-year-old.» «Get well soon Master, a big hug,» were some of the comments that he received.

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