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The latest houseguest evicted from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ on April 15

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Latest LCDLF eviction (Photo: Telemundo)
  • The latest LCDLF eviction is over.
  • Who was nominated?
  • Viewers decide their fate.

This fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos reaches a critical point. On April 15, fans of the reality show face a difficult decision… Who will be the twelfth houseguest to be eliminated from the competition?

Pedro Figueira, known as ‘La Divaza’ on social media, left the house last week.

His departure left Equipo Tierra in a state of flux, forcing the teammates to establish new alliances.

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Who was at risk of being evicted from La Casa de los Famosos?

Elimination April 15, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, celebrities, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Capture

Ariadna Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Romeh, Maripily Rivera and Patricia Corcino were on pins and needles, waiting to learn their fate in the competition for the $200,000 grand prize.

Although she was nominated, Geraldine Bazán received a lifeline from Alana Lliteras, head of household for the week.

Tension intensifies as the season draws to a close, and every strategic move could mean the difference between victory and elimination.

Fans of the show remain on the edge of their seats, eager to find out about the latest LCDLF eviction.

Lupillo Rivera vs. Rodrigo Romeh

A day before, Lupillo Rivera and Romeh lost their heads on Sunday, according to Publímetro.

It should be remembered that tension had been increasing between the singer and the bodybuilder.

“I’m ashamed that you’re so glib. You went all over the house talking about the deal, it’s very interesting talk, but at the same time you were begging me to return to Equipo Tierra with a false apology,» Lupillo said.

“Lupillo, I already told you: you are a liar. You have told lies about everything, you even lied to me. If I came to ask you for an apology, it was to make you feel good. And it was honestly not difficult for me to apologize to you, because at that moment I was fond of you,” Romeh responded.

Was it the most exciting eviction so far?

La Casa de los Famosos, lcdlf, telemundo, elimination, celebrities, MundoNOW
Latest LCDLF eviction / PHOTO: YouTube Capture

With each eviction ceremony, the excitement increases, and viewers wonder who will be next to say goodbye to the competition.

The contestants prepare to face one more challenge, aware that each day in the house could be their last.

Uncertainty dominates the atmosphere as they fight to stay on the show and get one step closer to the coveted cash prize.

Viewers have become virtual judges, evaluating each move and decision, while casting their votes to decide who deserves to remain in the competition.

Who was the latest LCDLF eviction?

La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo, elimination, lcdlf, MundoNOW
PHOTO: YouTube Capture

Voting closed, and, as in every eviction gala, Nacho Lozano announced the name of the first safe houseguest… Maripily.

Romeh was the next safe nominee. Was it a blow to Lupillo?

The tension escalated as we waited to find out who would be the next to leave La Casa de los Famosos on April 15.

The twelfth houseguest evicted from LCDLF was Ariadna.

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