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The last messages that actor Florind Belliu sent to his mother before jumping from the 6th floor with his wife

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  • Florind Belliu’s last messages before he died come to light.
  • The conversation he had with his mother before jumping.
  • Did he and his wife commit suicide?

DID THE ACTOR REVEAL HIS PLANS? There are new details about actor Florind Belliu and his wife Ornela, who died after jumping from a sixth floor of a Bronx building. The last conversations of Florind Belliu were revealed and that could explain what happened the day of the apparent suicide. The deaths of Florind Belliu and Orlena Shehi caused shock among the local community due to their brutality. Initial reports indicated that Orlena jumped from the sixth floor and seconds later, Florind jumped after her. The couple died ten minutes later and some bystanders were present when the tragedy occurred.


Photo: Facebook

After the tragic deaths of Florind and Orlena, details continue come out about their apparent suicide which left two children orphans. Initial reports revealed that the couple jumped from a sixth floor of a building in the Bronx on Florind’s birthday. The incident occurred minutes before the 35-year-old man’s mother arrived.

Moments before he died, Florind sent a message to his mother and they were talking for a while because he was celebrating his birthday, according to an Albanian outlet. The man’s mother arrived at the building just after her son’s death and was shocked.

What did the messages say?

What did the messages say?
Photo: Twitter

The actor and aspiring filmmaker reportedly wrote to his mother before his suspected suicide took place. The building manager’s wife said she spoke to Florind shortly before the tragedy and he said that he had been speaking with his mother because it was his birthday.

“Today was his birthday, his mom told me. He had just talked to his mom in the morning.» Shadie Perkaj told the Albania Daily News that he had complained about not being able to open his windows. The wife of the building manager also pointed out that Belliu was «in a bad mood» in recent days, while Ornela was «calm.»

Had the couple been arguing?

Florind Belliu latest posts: Had you been arguing?
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Neighbors and people who were near the area gave statements to the media and said that the actor and his wife seemed to have been arguing a day before the tragedy occurred. A building worker pointed out that he had seen them a day before and thought the actor didn’t look well.

“I see his eyes are really wide, like he’s angry, and he didn’t answer me, he just pulled his wife and keep going. And that was it,» Harold Johnson told the Albanian Daily News. “The man wanted me to cut the guards off the windows of the apartment [before he moved into the building] and I told him: ‘You have children, I can’t do that’ and he got angry, he said ‘Okay’”. Filed Under: Florind Belliu Last Messages

Could he have killed his wife?

Florind Belliu latest posts: Could he have caused the death of his wife?
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Doubts about the couple’s deaths continue to grow as new information about the incident comes out. A police spokesman announced that they believe the actor and aspiring filmmaker was perhaps experiencing a mental health issue that could have led to the incident. At this time they do not know what prompted Orlena to jump from the sixth floor or if Florind killed her.

«It looks like they jumped from the sixth floor,» said a spokesman for the NYPD. “[Florind] he may have had a mental health issue that fueled the incident,» the spokesperson told the New York Post. The story of his disappearance, in April, fed authorities’ doubts about his mental health and the possibility of a suicide. Filed Under: Florind Belliu Last Messages

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