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Las Vegas Police search for suspect in shooting of 5 homeless people

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Las Vegas, homeless shooting, crime, police, MundoNOW
Shooting of homeless people in Las Vegas(Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Mass shooting of homeless people in Las Vegas.
  • One person has been killed.
  • Police don’t have much to go on.

Las Vegas Police confirmed that they are searching for a suspect who shot at a group of homeless people, killing one.

Four people were injured in the attack. Initially police reported that two people had been killed.

At the moment, the police stressed that they are searching for the person who committed the crime and believe that it was an isolated incident.

This comes after a similar incident involving homeless individuals in Los Angeles.

Las Vegas police looking for a suspect in the mass shooting of homeless people

Tragedy, Shooting, Homeless people, Las Vegas, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock

In a shocking and tragic incident, five homeless people were victims of a shooting last Friday in Las Vegas.

According to The Associated Press, one person was killed and four were injured.

Police are searching for a single suspect who they believe is responsible for the attack.

The community and local authorities are searching for answers and solutions to address the growing homelessness crisis.

What happened?

Urban violence, Citizen security, Housing crisis, Police
Photo: Shutterstock

The incident took place around 5:30 p.m. Friday near a freeway overpass in the northeast part of Las Vegas.

Lieutenant Mark Lourenco of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is following the case that caused panic among residents.

All of the victims were homeless people, highlighting the vulnerability of this already marginalized group to these types of threats.

«We believe this is an isolated event,» Lourenco stated when asked if this was an active shooter situation, according to the AP.

What is known about the suspect?

Criminal investigation, Fugitive suspect, Affected community, Local response
Photo: Shutterstock

Despite confirming there was a lone shooter, the suspect has not been identified at this point.

The consequences of the shooting were devastating, with one person killed and four injured.

It’s been reported that their injuries are not life threatening. At the moment, the identities of the victims have not been revealed.

This tragic event highlights growing concerns about the safety and well-being of homeless people in Las Vegas and other cities across the United States.

A wave of violence towards homeless people?

Solidarity, Social support, Vulnerability, Crime prevention, Crime in the city
Photo: Shutterstock

Images of the response by Las Vegas police after the shooting of homeless people went viral on social media.

This tragic incident comes amid growing concern about violence against homeless people in several cities across the United States.

Last month, Los Angeles police announced their search for a suspect connected to the fatal shootings of three homeless people in separate incidents.

This alarming pattern raises the need for a comprehensive nationwide response to address the safety and well-being of the unhoused.

Shining a light on a systemic problem

Public Safety, Community Intervention, Social Challenges, Homelessness, Emergency Response
Photo: Shutterstock

The tragedy in Las Vegas highlights the urgent need to address the roots of homelessness.

Experts on the subject point out that the lack of a place to live is not only about the absence of physical shelter, but also a series of challenges.

These people face multiple barriers, from the lack of access to mental health services to difficulties finding stable employment.

As Las Vegas and other cities confront these challenges, it is hoped that this tragic incident will serve as a wake-up call to authorities. To see a video of the police response to the shooting of homeless people in Las Vegas click HERE.

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