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Does Larry Hernández have a son he never knew about?

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  • A boy told the singer that he thought he was his dad for this reason….
  • Does he have a son we never knew about?
  • Larry Hernández said he didn’t want any more children.

Does he have a son we never knew about? The El Baleado singer, Larry Hernández, surprised his fans with a recent video that he posted on his Instagram. In it, he appears next to a boy who declares something that amused his fans. It is known that the regional Mexican singer has five children and he recently declared that he did not intend to have more.

He and his wife Kenia Ontiveros insisted to the media that they don’t want to have any more children at the moment. Larry even said that he wants to have a vasectomy to avoid having more children. Even so, he did not rule out the possibility of having another in a future. But who is the boy in the video?

“I thought he was my dad”

New son Larry Hernandez
VIDEO: Instagram

In the most recent video shared by Larry, we can see that he is autographing a dollar bill for a boy named Ángel who says, “I thought he was my dad when I was little.” That makes them both laugh and the Drag the legs singer asks him: “And why did you think that?” The boy replies that maybe it’s because he saw him on television.

Many of the comments say that perhaps when he was little, Angel’s mother said that Larry was the boy’s father. “Perhaps the mother told him that Larry was his father, just like I tell mine that his is Chayanne.” On the other hand, others told the singer “Don’t play Larry, accept him if he’s yours.”.(HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO)

It’s common in Latin America

New son Larry Hernandez
VIDEO: Instagram

In the comments, people began to say that it is very common in Mexico for mothers and fathers to tell their young children that their favorite artist is their father. It’s been heard a lot about artists like Chayanne and it’s not unusual in Latin America….

“Yes, we all joke with our artists to say, ‘That’s your dad.'” “Then the mother of my children is Karol G.” “Don’t stain Larry until they look alike.” “No, because the morrillo is not so lost.” “Like this happens, my daughter said that Vicente Fernández was her father because that’s what I called him.” These are some of the comments shared by Larry’s fans on his Instagram post.

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