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Larry Hernández and his wife Kenia Ontiveros are accused of practicing Santeria (VIDEO)

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  • Larry Hernández and his wife Kenia are accused of santeros
  • They say that Daniel Urquiza left a protection necklace for David Zepeda
  • Galilea Montijo, Magda Rodríguez among others are said to practice Santerism

Followers on social networks accuse Larry Hernández and his wife Kenia Ontiveros of practicing Santeria.

It was through a video published on the official Instagram account of the Argentine journalist, Javier Ceriani, that a santera, named Karla, revealed all the famous people who practiced Santeria.

Among those mentioned, in addition to Larry Hernández and Kenia Ontiveros was the Mexican actor, David Zepeda, who strongly attracted attention by always wearing white.

Larry Hernández santeros

VIDEO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

And even, he was questioned why David Zepeda wore a black necklace, which was also supposedly worn by the late stylist of the stars, Daniel Urquiza.

“That necklace means that it is a strong thing, a thing of the dead, and if Daniel handled it, I think he gave it protection, for each necklace you receive in deities and it protects us, it is a necklace of birth “confessed the santera Karla exclusively for the program Gossip not like .

Later, the santera Karla, answered why this actor was always dressed in white: “They dress us in white since we are initiated, artists They are told a lot that if you want to achieve something, wear white ”.

Kenya Ontiveros

VIDEO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

Given this, various followers of this page began to argue that Larry Hernández’s wife, Kenia Ontiveros, also wore a necklace like David Zepeda’s, also accusing them of santeros:

A follower questioned the following: “Larry Hernández’s wife also wears yellow and green bracelets for protection, what is it for?” To which a follower replied: “Santeria.” You can see the video where the user accuses Larry Hernández and his wife, Kenia Ontiveros here.

Several users began to reach the video of Gossip not like, where more users argued that Larry Hernández and his wife, Kenia Ontiveros, were santeros.

A girl argued in the same comment: “So is Larry, but look at that huge altar that he has in his backyard. HouseThey are hypocrites ”.

On the other hand, some users also accused Santera of Jennifer Lopez: “Jennifer Lopez, according to Santera. But she is not always seen in white or bracelets or necklaces ”.

VIDEO: Instagram. Javier Ceriani

It should be noted and according to the santera herself, Karla, confessed that she also Galilea Montijo, the late Magda Rodríguez, Daniel Urquiza, Talina Fernández, David Zepeda and Karla Panini practiced Santerismo.

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Filed under: Larry Hernández santeros

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