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Giant snails invade Lake Lanier in Georgia

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Lake Lanier invaded, snails, plague, danger - Lago Lanier invadido, caracoles, plaga, peligro
Lake Lanier Invaded by Snails (Photo: Envato)
  • Lake Lanier Invaded by Snails
  • Significant Ecological and Economic Impacts
  • Wash Equipment After Each Outing

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is warning about an invasive snail species in the lake.

These are the Japanese Mystery Snails, found in multiple bodies of water across Georgia.

Now, these snails have made their way to Lake Lanier, as reported by ‘WSBTV’.

“We were hoping it was an individual specimen, but we found a breeding population,” said Jim Page.

Impact of Japanese Mystery Snails on Lake Lanier

Page is the Aquatic Nuisance Species Coordinator for the WRD.

Invasive aquatic species cause significant ecological and economic impacts.

The snails invasion can damage boats and impede water access.

They also alter the natural ecosystem and can harbor parasites.

The DNR encourages boaters to wash their equipment after each outing.

Additionally, they request that aquariums not be dumped into the lake.

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Lake Lanier is an artificial lake in northern Georgia, created in 1956.

More than 7 million people visit it each year.

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Lake Lanier Invaded by Japanese Mystery Snails / PHOTO MundoNOW

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