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Lady Frijoles mourns her father’s death

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  • Lady Frijoles mourns her father’s death.
  • The Honduran immigrant shared the sad news on Instagram.
  • Mirian Zelaya suffers a terrible loss.

Lady Frijoles mourns her father. Honduran Mirian Yamileth Zelaya Gómez, better known as ‘Lady Frijoles’, continues to cause a sensation on social media. Since she criticized the food in Mexico, she has been the subject of conversation. Now, she’s suffered a terrible loss.

Mirian Zelaya has become a sensation on social media and everything she posts causes a stir. Recently, the Honduran immigrant shared that her heart is broken after losing a loved one.

Lady Frijoles mourns her father’s death

Lady Mourning BeansPhoto: Instagram

Through her Instagram stories, Lady Frijoles shared the sad news that her beloved father had died. In one of her stories she shared a mourning bow while at the top on a white background she wrote in black letter: «Rest in peace daddy.»

Mirian Zelaya immediately added another story where she’s posing with her father. In the photo she has blonde hair and her father looks haggard.

Lady Frijoles became famous after passing through Mexico with a migrant caravan

Lady Mourning Beans
Photo: Instagram

Lady Frijoles became famous after passing through Mexico with a migrant caravan. She was offered a plate of beans and complained about the food in a TV interview. After arriving in the United States, she was deported to her country and became a popular television host.

After she rejected the traditional Mexican dish, Mirian Zelaya earned the nickname ‘Lady Frijoles’ as well as the hatred of thousands of Mexicans. However, she became very popular in her own country and today she is one of the most beloved personalities in Honduras.

Lady Frijoles hasn’t given more details about her father’s death

The Honduran immigrant has reserved to give more details on her social networks
Photo: Instagram

So far, Lady Frijoles has not given any further statements about her father’s death and it is not known what the cause might have been. She only has shared those two stories confirming the sad news on her Instagram account.

Although people couldn’t comment on her Instagram stories, she is most certainly receiving condolences on the terrible loss.

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