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La Melaza assures that it was Alfredo Adame who named Maripily ‘Macumba’

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La Melaza Alfredo Adame, José Reyes, Maripily Rivera, LCDLF, MundoNOW
La Melaza and Alfredo Adame (PHOTO: Instagram screenshot/Mezcalent)
  • Controversy Among Contestants of LCDLF
  • Who Named Maripily ‘Macumba’?
  • La Melaza Blames Alfredo Adame

Nearly three weeks after its conclusion, the fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos» is still generating a lot of buzz.

This time, José Reyes, better known as La Melaza, claimed that it was Alfredo Adame who nicknamed Maripily Rivera ‘Macumba’.

After nearly four months of confinement, the Puerto Rican became the winner of this Telemundo reality show.

For this reason, she gained a large number of enemies in addition to thousands of fans.

José Reyes La Melaza «still a tremendous fixture»

La Melaza Alfredo Adame, baseball player, social networks, Instagram, MundoNOW
La Melaza Alfredo Adame – PHOTO: Screenshot from Instagram

It was during a live broadcast that La Melaza asserted that Alfredo Adame nicknamed Maripily ‘Macumba’.

«People are wasting their time, let Maripily rest, the show is over,» wrote the former baseball player.

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In this video, reposted by the Instagram account ‘El leoncitoo 1’, José defended himself against the accusations.

«I care that the Dominicans are with ‘La Mela’… that’s it,» said the singer, somewhat angrily.

Without much delay, La Melaza confirmed that it was Alfredo Adame who called Maripily ‘Macumba’, not him, as many believe.

«And he came to ‘cleanse himself’, because he knows he came to ‘cleanse’ himself with his crap… He knows it was him who did it.»

Before concluding, José Reyes, visibly angered, mentioned that members of the Cuarto Tierra also called her that.

«There is no one more hypocritical or more crappy who spoke in La Casa de los Famosos than her,» he added, referring to Maripily Rivera.

«La Melaza is absolutely right. Those of us who watched the show know it was Alfredo Adame who gave her the name,» a user commented after watching the video.

This term, ‘Macumba’, refers to black magic, although the actor said he called the Puerto Rican that because of a song by the same name performed by Verónica Castro.

«The Mueblaza remains a tremendous fixture,» reads another comment, but there’s more…

«Shut up Macumbo, because if someone gave her the nickname, you didn’t have to repeat it throughout the damn show» (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE).

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