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Who was eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ on April 22?

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April 22 Elimination Gala (Photo: YouTube)
  • The April 22 Elimination Gala was filled with tension!
  • Who left La Casa de los Famosos this week?
  • We’ve got all the details.

La Casa de los Famosos was filled with tension and emotion during the April 22 Elimination Gala.

The competition intensifies as the number of contestants dwindles. Now only 12 people are in the fight for the coveted $200,000 prize.

In this season, the unexpected departure of contestants has been a constant, a change from previous seasons.

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The April 22 Elimination Gala begins

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PHOTO: YouTube screenshot

Celebrities such as actress Thalí García and influencer Pedro Figueira — better known as ‘La Divaza’ on social media — have abandoned the competition, adding unpredictable twists to the show’s plot.

Hosts Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gallego began the gala, setting the stage for what would be a decisive night for one of the remaining contestants.

Among the names at risk for leaving on April 22 were influencer Rodrigo Romeh, actor Clovis Nienow, actress Maripily Rivera and charismatic presenter Alana Lliteras.

The tension was palpable as viewers waited for the final verdict of who will leave the competition and who will remain in the race for the prize.

Who went home this week?

La Casa de los Famosos, Elimination Gala, Telemundo, USA, MundoNOW
April 22 Elmination Gala / PHOTO: YouTube screenshot

Despite expectations, actor Paulo Quevedo managed avoid nomination thanks to the intervention of Patricia Corcino who was Head of Household this week.

Public voting has closed and Nacho Lozano has announced that Romeh is safe this week.

Then they announced that Maripily Rivera will also return to the house.

The 13th contestant to be eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos was Clovis.

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