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What Hispanics should never do on a date according to La Bronca

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  • La Bronca has dating advice for Hispanics.
  • Radio host Sylvia del Valle reveals what men should never do.
  • Do you agree with her?

La Bronca has dating advice for Hispanics. Beautiful radio host Sylvia del Valle, better known as ‘La Bronca’, shares tips on social media. Recently, she had some advice for men on what they should never do on a date.

The radio star is quite popular on social media thanks to her beauty and charisma. Currently, she has more than 1.2 million followers and frequently shares videos with advice for Hispanics.

La Bronca has dating advice for Hispanic men

The first date advice fight

On this occasion, La Bronca shared a video on her Instagram account where she has dating advice for Hispanic men. She has some tips for asking women out and making a good first impression.

“This video is for all the guys who are going out this weekend with a girl for the first time on the first date. Things that should and should never be done on a first date,” Sylvia begins.

La Bronca has tips for making a good first impression

Helps men make the first impression

“The first thing is to cut your nose hair. What is that when nose hair is connected to your mustache? And sometimes even longer and it almost gets into your teeth. If you have hair in your ears, please shave that too,» La Bronca begins.

Her second piece of advice: «Never wear white socks with black shoes. Don’t do it, unless you’re Michael Jackson, but outside of that, don’t do it.»

She has more tips for a first date

Continue with her tips for the first date

The third tip that La Bronca has for men on their first date: “Never talk about your ex with your date. It’s in bad taste, it’s nacada. You can make it seem that you’re on fire for her even if it’s not true. It does not matter if the conversation about her comes out and you start talking about her, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad,” she adds.

“Number four, your car says something about you — what you are, your clothes and your car is what represents you when someone does not know you. So even if you are not going to pick her up and for some reason you have to drive her and everything is like dog vomit, everything filthy, everything stinky, everything full of papers, no please, the clean car squeaky clean.”

The most important tip

The type that forgives everything

«And finally, pay. It doesn’t matter if the girl offers, you say, ‘No, please, I’m a gentleman, I invited you,'» Sylvia del Valle advises. She had one last tip, which she said could make up for some of the other things she mentioned.

“Smell delicious, because there is nothing tastier and sexier than a man that smells delicious, that turns us women on. Maybe the compa is ugly, but if the bato smells good anyway we forgive him.” That was her advice for a first date. What do you think?

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