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La Bronca arrives at La Casa de los Famosos to win

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La Bronca on La Casa de los Famosos (PHOTO: Manerk Studios)
  • La Bronca arrives at La Casa de los Famosos
  • Exciting challenge in January
  • Party planned if she wins

On this occasion we had an exclusive interview for MundoNOW with Sylvia del Valle, better known as La Bronca.

The Mexican revealed exciting details about her participation in the next season of the famous Telemundo reality show La Casa de los Famosos.

The charismatic radio host will immerse herself in this television experience that promises strong emotions and unexpected challenges.

The premiere of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos is closer than ever and promises a lot of excitement for viewers.

Great support from your family

La Bronca arrives at La Casa de los Famosos, Sylvia del Valle, Telemundo, lcdlf, show, program
PHOTO: Telemundo

La Bronca shared how the call was that changed her daily routine, when she was asked about her willingness to enter the competition.

«They talked to me and asked me if I was ready and to talk to my husband, because it is a strong experience,» La Bronca confessed.

She revealed that her husband told her to take on this new challenge that is presented in her life, that she had all the support

Next Tuesday, January 23, will mark the start of the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos.

La Bronca arrives at La Casa de los Famosos: Will she fall into temptations?

maripily rivera, mariana gonzalez, la bebeshita, reality
PHOTO: Manerk Studio

The presence of La Bronca, with her unique and casual style, promises to add a special touch to the cast of confirmed participants.

The host originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, arrives as one of the most influential personalities on American radio for Latinos.

When La Bronca was asked about the possibility of facing temptations within the house and the possibility of being unfaithful, she responded firmly.

«I don’t think there are temptations inside the house, the person I am with is the one I want to be with,» said La Bronca.

«I’m not even afraid of the devil»

television, wendy guevara, usa, poncho de nigris, alana lliteras
PHOTO: Manerk Studio

Originally from Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico, La Bronca arrived in the United States when she was very young, without anticipating the surprises that destiny had in store for her.

At 17 years old, she was selected to participate in the television program Al Banquillo con Sylvia del Valle, which would catapult her towards a career full of success.

La Bronca, aware of the controversies and conflicts that usually arise in this type of reality shows, shows a casual attitude towards possible disputes.

«Hopefully I can make many friends. I am very peaceful, but through good times I am good, through bad times better; I don’t leave anyone behind, I’m not even afraid of the devil.»

La Bronca arrives at La Casa de los Famosos: What would you do with the prize?

lupillo rivera, thali garcia, fernando lozada, gregorio perna
PHOTO: Manerk Studio

La Bronca, always authentic, revealed her plans in case she wins La Casa de los Famosos.

«If I win, I’ll have a big party with the people who supported me, I want to have a party.»

Her words reflect her festive and grateful spirit, hinting at the possibility of an unforgettable celebration if she achieves victory in this competition.

With her participation, Sylvia del Valle “La Bronca” promises to be one of the most prominent figures of the fourth season from La Casa de los Famosos.

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