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La Bebeshita speaks after being expelled from La Casa de los Famosos (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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La Bebeshita expelled (Photo: Mezcalentz)
  • La Bebeshita reveals secrets after being expelled
  • Tension and competing strategies.
  • Disappointment towards former friends.

In an exclusive interview with MundoNOW, we spoke with La Bebeshita, the sixth contestant eliminated from the Casa de los Famosos.

She revealed some secrets of the Telemundo reality show and shared her experience inside the house.

La Bebeshita left the house after being nominated along with La Divaza, Ariadna, La Bronca, and Robbie.

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Tension at the Elimination Gala

expelled baby, rodrigo romeh, cristina porta, alfredo adame
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In the lead-up to the sixth elimination gala, the list of nominees was reduced to five contestants.

Among them were Ariadna Gutiérrez and La Divaza from Cuarto Tierra, while ‘Bebeshita’, Bronca, and Robbie defended their stay from Cuarto Fuego.

The unexpected twist came when Lupillo Rivera used his salvation benefit, reducing the list to four nominees.

Bronca was the first to be saved by the audience, followed by Robbie and La Divaza, leaving La Bebeshita as the sixth contestant eliminated from the competition.

The reason why Bebeshita was expelled

thali garcia, the house, telemundo, reality, fernando lozada
PHOTO: Mezcalent

La Bebeshita identified the key factor that led to her expulsion and was very honest:

«The mistake was having Lupillo in the competition; he has a very strong fanbase, just like Maripily Rivera. I didn’t make any mistakes.»

Regarding Maripily, La Bebeshita commented: «She doesn’t know what I suffered and experienced; everyone understands what they want to understand.»

«Maripily is a person with a short fuse, she can’t sta

Is Lupillo Rivera rude?

jenni rivera, lupillo, alfredo and lupillo rivera, team inferno
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Regarding Lupillo Rivera, La Bebeshita expressed her concern about his well-defined strategy and heavy energy:

«Lupillo has a very marked and strict strategy; he already knows what his moves are going to be. He’s like a wizard; he hits everything right. I don’t know how he does it.

«I was scared of his vibe; Lupillo has a heavy energy, and sometimes he was a bit rude to me.»

La Bebeshita stated that she will never forget that Lupillo and Maripily «turned against» her at the last moment.

Bebeshita expelled and disappointed

The divaza, the anger, molasses, fourth earth
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Additionally, La Bebeshita shared her disappointment towards Rodrigo Romeh and Cristina Porta:

«Romeh was my friend outside the house, and he disappointed me. I don’t want his friendship anymore; I even unfollowed him on social media.»

«Cristina was a good friend in the house, but in her strategies, she didn’t hesitate to betray anyone.»

The interview with La Bebeshita provides an insider’s view of the intricacies of La Casa de los Famosos, revealing tensions and strategies.

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