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Georgia toddler dies after being shot while watching TV

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Kyron Zarco was killed watching TV (Photo: Shutterstock//Athens-ClarkeCounty Jail)
  • Kyron Zarco was shot inside his home.
  • The toddler was watching TV.
  • Police believe the shooting was gang related.

Georgia is mourning the tragic death of a three-year-old child.

According to the Athens-Clarke police in Georgia, a three-year-old boy was watching television when he was fatally shot.

At the moment, two individuals are in custody. This incident has rocked community in light of Laken Riley’s murder at the hands of a Venezuelan man.

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Photo: MundoNOW

3-year-old Kyro Zarco was shot to death

Police, Crime, Arrest, MundoNow, SirensPhoto: Shutterstock

Amidst shock and sorrow, the community of Athens, Georgia, is reeling from the tragic murder of Kyron Zarco.

According to USA TODAY, the innocent 3-year-old was affectionately known as ‘Baby Dro.’

Authorities are pursuing the alleged perpetrators of this heinous act, which has shattered a family and left a city in mourning.

The incident unfolded just weeks after the murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student who was killed by a Venezuelan migrant.

What happened to Kyron Zarco?

kyron zarco was shot, Athens, Georgia, MundoNow
Photo: Shutterstock

On Friday, March 8, Kyron’s mobile home was shaken by a barrage of gunfire that pierced the walls of their modest dwelling.

According to reports from the Athens-Clarke police, Kyron was peacefully watching television on the couch with his 9-year-old brother when tragedy struck.

A stray bullet claimed the life of young Kyron and his brother was also injured, though fortunately he will recover.

An unidentified adult was also present at the time of the shooting but managed to escape unharmed.

Georgia police are searching for the killers

kyron zarco was shot, murder, georgia, gang, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

In a press release police confirmed that they are investigating the terrible crime.

«I am sickened by this heinous crime, and my heart aches for the grieving family, friends and loved ones who are suffering such a tragic loss,» stated Athens-Clarke Police Chief Jerry Saulters.

«The Athens-Clarke County Police Department will dedicate our full strength and resources to bring the killers to justice,» he emphasized in the statement.

The news of Kyron’s death has left the local community devastated, while authorities are tirelessly working to bring those responsible to justice.

One of the suspects is Hispanic

police, USA, crime, attack, suspect, MundoNow
Photo: Getty Images vía Archivo MundoNOW

So far, two teenagers have been detained in connection with this terrible crime, and one of them is Hispanic, according to police records.

Julian Cubillos, 17, and Jayden Brown, 16, are facing charges of murder and other serious offenses.

However, the search continues for two more suspects who were allegedly involved in the shooting.

The police have identified the alleged perpetrators, stating that they are Dankious Echols, 18, and Desmontrez Mathis, 22.

Kyron Zarco was shot and suspects face charges

kyron zarco was shot, georgia, murder, gang, MundoNow
Photo: Getty Images vía Archivo MundoNOW

The charges filed against the four suspects are serious and substantial, according to USA TODAY.

In addition to murder, they face charges of aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

The police confirmed that the shooting appears to be linked to a gang dispute, although they have not disclosed details about who the specific target of the attack was.

The death of Kyron Zarco has left an indelible mark on the Athens community, serving as a grim reminder of the dangers and devastating consequences of gun violence.

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