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Kroger launches new healthcare program for seniors in Atlanta

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Kroger launches new medical program- Kroger lanza nuevo programa médico, Atlanta, Georgia, Walmart, Minorista
Kroger Health launches program for seniors in Georgia (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Kroger Health launches new program for seniors.
  • It is opening 8 locations in Georgia.
  • The focus is on comprehensive primary care.

Kroger has launched a new healthcare program in Atlanta, Georgia, as Walmart is closing clinics across the country.

The healthcare initiative will be carried out through The Little Clinic, LLC and will be available at least eight locations in the state.

Seniors in Atlanta will be able to access the clinics inside Kroger stores, according to a press release.

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Kroger Health launches a new program for seniors

Chain, Retail, Health, Strategy, Kroger launches new medical program

Kroger Health has partnered with Better Health Group, a primary care organization, to create this initiative with The Little Clinic for its customers.

The retailer also stated that it aims «to increase access to comprehensive senior-focused primary care designed to improve health outcomes and patient experience.»

According to The Sun, patients who visit any of the eight clinics in Kroger stores will be able to have extended face-to-face visits with a primary care provider.

The grocery chain is joining others in expanding further into healthcare.

The Little Clinic will offer a variety of services

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Photo: Shutterstock

Visits can include: annual wellness check-ups, disease management, preventive care and other customizable care plans.

Seniors will also have the option to access Kroger Health services such as «comprehensive medication reviews» and nutritional counseling.

Kroger also noted in the press release that the initiative would have a priority focus on Medicare Advantage members and traditional Medicare beneficiaries.

The retailer said it hopes to offer a «more humane approach» to health through operations at the eight clinics.

Prioritizing seniors

Walmart, Store, Announcement, News, Impact
Photo: Shutterstock

James Kirby, Commercial Director of Kroher Health, emphasized that the needs of older customers were a «top priority.»

«Offering seniors a place to receive care that’s expertly provided and convenient is paramount,» he said.

«Kroger Health is committed to providing the personalized care our senior citizens deserve,» Kirby added.

«[W]e make addressing their specific and unique needs a top priority.»

Kroger’s expansion into the healthcare sector

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Photo: Shutterstock

«We are thrilled to provide coordinated senior-focused primary care in the greater Atlanta area, especially in several medically underserved counties,» said Kirby.

Kroger’s plans to expand its reach in the healthcare sector comes less than a month after Walmart decided to end its health services completely.

In contrast, the chain has decided to focus on providing comprehensive and personalized services to its older customers.

The collaboration with Better Health Group and The Little Clinic allows Kroger to offer a healthcare model that prioritizes quality and accessibility.

Impact on the Atlanta community

Community, Diagnoses, Care, Wellbeing, Residents, Kroger Launches Medical Program
Photo: Shutterstock

The opening of these clinics Atlanta is a significant step towards improving healthcare access for the elderly in the community.

Kroger has highlighted the importance of providing healthcare that not only treats illnesses but also improves the quality of life of patients.

With this program, Kroger Health positions itself as a leader in integrating healthcare services within the retail environment.

Atlanta residents, especially the elderly, can expect to significantly benefit from these new healthcare services, noted The Sun.

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