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Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawings leak

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Kobe Bryant autopsy drawings, Kobe Bryant autopsy, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, MundoNOW / Dibujos autopsia Kobe Bryant, autopsia Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, MundoNOW
Kobe Bryant's autopsy drawings / AP Photo/ Shutterstock
  • Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawings leak.
  • The Lakers’ star and his daughter were killed.
  • Shocking autopsy images.

Following his tragic death in a helicopter accident, images that are allegedly from the autopsy of former basketball player Kobe Bryant have been leaked,

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Sergeant Cornejo, Carlos Cornejo, police, Colorado, MundoNOW

Kobe Bryant, the undisputed basketball legend, was killed at the age of 41 in January 2020. It was a tragedy that shook the entire world.

The iconic athlete lost his life alongside his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, in a fatal helicopter accident in Los Angeles, California.

It’s worth recalling that the helicopter they were traveling in crashed and six other people also lost their lives.

The investigation revealed that dense fog was the cause of the crash that claimed the lives of all the occupants of the aircraft.

Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawings leak

Kobe Bryant autopsy drawings, Kobe Bryant autopsy, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, MundoNOW
Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawings / Photo AP

However, in the days following this terrible event, new information began to circulate in the media, sparking a debate about privacy and ethics after tragic incidents.

Alleged autopsy drawings of Kobe Bryant were leaked, revealing the extensive injuries the athlete supposedly suffered as a result of the accident.

The news of the leak of Kobe Bryant’s autopsy drawings has generated controversy and discussions within the sports community and society at large.

Some argue that revealing this kind of information is an invasion of privacy and is upsetting to Kobe’s loved ones and those of the other victims of the accident.

What happened to Kobe Bryant’s body?

Kobe Bryant autopsy drawings, Kobe Bryant autopsy, Lakers star, MundoNOW, Kobe Bryant
Photo AP

According to the images, the basketball star suffered second and third-degree burns that had charred a significant part of his torso.

The drawings also show one of his arms is missing and an exposed spinal fracture that protruded from the neck area.

The drawings also show that the basketball player lost both legs, and he received such a powerful impact to his head that his face was unrecognizable.

It’s worth mentioning that the drawings, showing the Los Angeles Lakers star’s body were leaked on social media.

Kobe Bryant’s autopsy results

Kobe Bryant autopsy drawings, Kobe Bryant drawings, Kobe Bryant, Lakers, MundoNOW

Likewise, the autopsy results indicated that he died due to a traumatic brain injury resulting from the accident that caused his death.

This diagnosis was later published on the website of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

«On January 28, the cause of death of the nine victims was declared to be blunt trauma,» reads the diagnosis according to the BBC.

It was confirmed that «the manner of death was classified as an accident.»

The tragedy that touched the world

Sports tragedy, Los Angeles, basketball death, NBA, MundoNOW

The 180-page report also revealed that the pilot, Ara Zobayan, aged 50, tested negative for drugs and alcohol, according to the BBC.

The county coroner’s office shared a clinical report on the deaths of the basketball player and the eight crew members who were with him.

The report described everything from broken bones to dismembered body parts of the victims. It also mentioned clothing burned due to the fuel that ignited after the crash.

Bryant had to be identified by fingerprints, as he suffered multiple burns on his body, rendering him unrecognizable. His body was found outside the helicopter. CLICK TO SEE THE IMAGES.

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