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A checklist for your KN95 and N95 mask: What to look for and how to distinguish if they are fake

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N95 mask vs. KN95 mask: What’s the difference? Find out what’s best for you! Undoubtedly, these masks are very useful in preventing viral infections that may put people’s lives at risk. Since 2020, they have become a practically essential accessory for the majority of the world’s inhabitants, who turn to masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Therefore, it is important to know what characteristics that distinguish the N95 mask from the KN95. In general, both fulfill the same purpose, and among their most important differences are: the percentage of filtration allowed and the place where they have been manufactured (KN95: China; N95: United States).

Check the brand on the package


The first thing you should do when looking for a KN95 or N95 mask is identify which regulatory agencies are in charge of approving the sale of the mask you intend to use. In the case of N95 masks, the regulation must come from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH. The package must bear the legend ‘FDA Approved’. This will indicate that the mask is safe to use and will fulfill all the functions mentioned within the packaging.

Read the information on theKN95 or N95 mask packaging

Something you should keep in mind when buying a mask is that the name of the manufacturer, as well as the type of product (N95 or KN95) should be fully visible at the top of the mask. In addition to not including an expiration date. If for any reason you find a mask that has the legend ‘approved for children’ printed on it, keep in mind that it could be an imitation that does not meet the requirements of health authorities for preventing viral infections. This is because NIOSH does not approve the manufacture of special masks for children.

Look at the elastic on the masks

KN95 mask

In addition to the efficiency requirement of the KN95 and N95 masks, something that distinguishes them from each other is the type of elastic used and the way in which they must be worn to function correctly. In the case of an KN95 mask, the elastic is designed to be worn over the ears, while the N95 mask is designed so the elastic wraps around the head, which could offer more protection.

Analyze the quality

There are multiple imitation products on the mask market that are becoming more and more realistic, so it is necessary to identify as many details as possible to ensure that you are making a legitimate purchase. These details include: the material used, the condition of the mask (that it is not torn or damaged) and the type of elastic (that does not break easily).

Approval Number


This is one of the most crucial parts of purchasing an N95 or KN95 respirator, as all of these products are required by law to have an alphanumeric designation beginning with the letters “TC-84A” and four additional numbers found on the mask or on the elastics. Attention to detail is critical to maintaining your health while wearing your KN95 or N95 mask, as some imitation manufacturers print plagiarized approval numbers.

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