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Who perpetrated the brutal King City massacre? (PHOTOS)

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King City massacre (PHOTO: Monterey County Sheriff's Office)
  • A party in King City, California, ended in a massacre.
  • Four people died and seven more were seriously injured.
  • The authorities need help to solve the crime.

King City, California, is in mourning after a brutal massacre in which four people died and seven were injured.

Authorities in Monterey County revealed that three of the dead are Alicia Ramírez Aparicio, 32 years old; Mario Guzmán Mendoza, 42 years old, and Olivo Pérez Pina, 32 years old.

Those three murdered people were residents of King City and were at a party when shots began to fall.

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The fourth deceased person has not been identified.

The brutal death of Alicia Ramírez Aparicio, Mario Guzmán Mendoza, and Olivo Pérez Pina has the King City community immersed in pain and indignation.

Now King City Police Department (KCPD) asks for help from the Hispanic community to solve the brutal massacre.

The KCPD announced a reward of twenty thousand dollars for anyone who reveals information that identifies the identity and whereabouts of the perpetrators of the crime.

Who perpetrated the brutal massacre of Hispanics in King City?

King City, massacre, California, shooting, victims
PHOTO: Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

The KCPD investigation was joined by Monterey County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and the Soledad Police Department (SPD).

King City is a semi-rural community in central California with just 14,000 residents, the majority of whom are Hispanic.

The KCPD report, consulted by MundoNow details that last Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 6:00 in the afternoon, a report of shots was received.

Several calls came to the emergency number with desperate people asking for help for several Hispanics injured by gunshots.

People were celebrating a party when they were shot.

King City, massacre, California, shooting, victims
PHOTO: By Licia Ramírez Aparicio, Mario Guzmán Mendoza, Olivo Pérez Pina (left, right). PHOTO: Special for MundoNow for journalistic purposes.

KCPD officers rushed to the house marked 200 North 2nd Street where a peaceful family gathering was taking place.

When the officers arrived at the scene they found at least eleven very badly injured people in the front yard of the house.

The situation was so serious that KCPD agents requested the support of their MCSO colleagues and police officers from California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Seven of the victims were transported to various hospitals in the area where at least two are still fighting for their lives under medical care.

In King City, tragedy changed their lives forever

police, patrol, officer, USA, criminals
PHOTO: Soledad Police Department.

Unfortunately Alicia Ramírez Aparicio, Mario Guzmán Mendoza, Olivo Pérez Pina and the fourth person died in the brutal shooting attack.

Detectives from the KCPD, with support from the MCSO and CHP, took up the investigation of the case that has changed the life of the city of King City forever.

Now investigators, thanks to witnesses, already know details about how the brutal massacre at the Hispanic party in King City happened.

A silver KIA car came down the street and stopped in front of the house where several people were celebrating a birthday with music and food.

The murderers got out of a KIA car and dressed in black

attack, killing, jail, patrolling, officers
PHOTO: Soledad Police Department.

Three men wearing dark clothing and with masks on their faces got out of that car to unleash the brutal hail of shots for no apparent reason.

After unloading their weapons against the people gathered at the scene, the shooters returned to the KIA car and disappeared through the streets of King City.

Now the KCPD is offering a reward for anyone who reveals the identity and whereabouts of the people who carried out the crime that caused this terrible tragedy in King City.

Agent Partida, of the Homicide Division, is in charge of the investigation of the brutal crime and its number is 831.386.5988. Tips will remain anonymous.

Authorities ask for help from the community to solve the crime

King City, massacre, California, shooting, victims
PHOTO: Soledad Police Department.

Mike LeBarre, Mayor of King City, issued a statement.

They mourn the unprecedented massacre in that small California town.

«The murders and shootings… were a terrible tragedy for our entire community. We are heartbroken… by this ruthless act of violence,» concluded LeBarre.

We hope for the resolution of the case very soon.

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