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One of King Charles III’s royal pages is the son of Prince William’s rumored mistress

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Príncipe Harry acusa a la reina consorte "Camila" de filtrar historias de la Realeza a la prensa
  • One of King Charles’ royal pages is a surprising choice.
  • It’s rumored Prince William had an affair with his mother, Rose Hanbury.
  • Was Kate humiliated?

In the midst of all the controversy that overwhelms the royal family is the issue of Prince William’s alleged lover. The son of Rose Hanbury, who at one time was Kate’s close friend, was one of King Charles’ royal pages at his coronation.

There were several controversies swirling around the historic ceremony — from the fact that Prince Harry was seated in third row and not with his family, to the son of Prince William’s alleged lover having a role in the event.

King Charles III’s coronation

A very important ceremony
PHOTO: Twitter

One of the traditions that Charles and Camila fulfilled at the coronation was to have four pages. This role is a distinction given to the adolescents children of the members of the nobility related to the royal family.

Camila has also been very aware of the sentimental bond, and that is why she chose members of her family to grant them this honor. Three of her grandchildren will occupy this position, which lasts two or three years. According to Tatler, her fourth page was her great-nephew Lord Oliver Cholmondeley.

Two of Charles’ grandchildren are left out

They forget two of their grandchildren
PHOTO: Twitter

Much has been said about the fact that the king did not include two of his grandchildren in the ceremony. However, their ages were a factor. Louis (William’s son) and Archie (Harry’s son who was not present) are too young to be able to perform these duties.

However, one of the pages at this important ceremony was none other than the son of Prince William’s alleged lover, Rose Hanbury. She has been harshly criticized in the press and British society who love Kate Middleton.

Was Rose Hanbury Prince William’s mistress?

Prince William's Mistress: The Third in Discord
PHOTO: Chisme No Like

The hosts of Chisme No Like spoke to royal expert, Ruben Alberto Gavalda. He revealed something surprising regarding the coronation ceremony. Apparently, the son of Rose Hanbury, William’s alleged lover, was one of the pages.

«Here the Princess of Wales will meet the lover,» said the Gavalda. Elisa Beristain couldn’t help but remember what happened years ago between Charles, Camilla and Diana. In addition, she said that Kate forgives his infidelity because she wants to be queen: «She wants to be queen like Camilla.»

Is Oliver Hanbury illegitimate?

Prince William's lover: Is the son a bastard?
PHOTO: Chisme No Like

«One of the pages that is going to bring the king’s cape is the son of the lover,» the expert told Chisme No Like. Supposedly Rose and Kate were great friends, and Rose had strong connections within the British royal family.

Some fans commented that this child may be William’s illegitimate son: «Does anyone else think that this child may be William’s son?»

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