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Drunk Kindergartners? Child brings margaritas to school and shares with classmates

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  • Are kindergartners getting drunk?
  • A child brought pre-mixed margaritas to school and shared them with classmates.
  • “[W]e try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school.”

The community of Livonia, Michigan was shocked to discover that a kindergartner brought an alcoholic beverage to school and shared some drinks with her classmates. Some mothers complained that their children had consumed alcohol during class and that the girl who brought it knew it was a prohibited drink.

School authorities released a statement and insisted that they «try to keep an eye on» what their students bring into the classrooms, but it’s not always possible to monitor so many students. Parents continue to blame the girl’s parents for the incident.


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Michigan parents reported an incident at the Grand River Academy kindergarten in Livonia, because a child brought pre-mixed José Cuervo Margaritas to school. According to the statements, several children had cups of the drink and became «dizzy» after having a few sips.

Several mothers reported that the child who shared the margaritas knew that it was alcohol even though she initially told her classmates it was juice. They believe girl’s parents should receive some kind of punishment for not having checked their child’s belongings before sending her to school. At the moment, it is not known if the parents are being held accountable.

Did the kids think it was juice?

Drunk Michigan Kindergarten Minors: Mistaken for Juice?
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According to the parents of the affected children, the girl brought the drink to school and during snack time she shared the drink with some classmates. The mothers of the children who were «affected» by the incident, point out that their kids thought it was a juice when in fact it was pre-mixed José Cuervo margaritas.

Mothers Alexis Smith and Dominique Zanders were outraged when they learned their daughters had taken multiple sips of the drink, they told FOX News. They noted that one of the girls had a Dixie cup filled with the mixed tequila drink and said she took about 4 or 5 sips. Filed Under: Michigan Kindergarten Intoxicated Minors

Did the margaritas make the children dizzy?

Drunk Michigan Kindergarteners: Dizzy?
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Because the pre-mixed margaritas contained tequila, the children who drank them said they became very dizzy. The mothers of the children who complained to the school said that they were disturbed when they found out what had happened.

«She felt dizzy, a little dizzy,» Zanders told the news outlet after reporting that her daughter had drunk the liquid thinking it was juice. According to reports, several children sampled the beverage, believing that it was a joke when told that it was alcohol until they actually tried the drink. Filed Under: Michigan Kindergarten Intoxicated Minors

Did the kindergartners tell their teacher?

Did minors report alcohol?
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Dominique Zanders said that the girl who brought the drink to the classroom poured a little into a cup and drank it without any problem. Later, she shared the ‘juice’ with the others and when she saw that they were drinking it, she mentioned to them that it was alcohol. Quickly, another child told the teacher who she said just made a «funny face».

«The girl poured it in her cup and she drank it and the girl ended up telling her what it is, and she went and told the teacher there is liquor in this cup, and the teacher gave her a funny face,» Zanders said in the interview with Fox News. At the moment, it is not known if the school authorities are investigating the teacher who was in charge of the kindergartners. In addition, they stated that the child knew that it was alcohol that she had brought into the classroom.

Is the school responsible?

Is the school responsible?
Photo: Twitter

On the other hand, the Grand River Academy kindergarten reported that they were investigating the situation that occurred recently and reported that they try to monitor all students and what they bring into the school, but sometimes it is not possible to do so. According to the statement, the school said they called poison control to discuss next steps.

“While we try to monitor everything our students bring to school, that is simply not possible. It is unfortunate that these types of adult beverages can be easily confused with kid-friendly beverages,» the school said in a statement.

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