Inicio » English » Kimberly Flores, Edwin Luna’s wife appears in red lingerie and users insult her by calling her a transvestite

Kimberly Flores, Edwin Luna’s wife appears in red lingerie and users insult her by calling her a transvestite

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Instagram KimberlyFlores
  • Kimberly Flores surprises her followers by appearing in red lingerie.
  • Edwin Luna’s wife does not end it with the comments of his video.
  • Users call her a “transvestite” and say she looks like a man.

Kimberly Flores surprises her followers by posting a photo shoot a bit hot, since Edwin Luna’s wife looks quite sexy appearing in red lingerie, however, several followers argue that she looks like a transvestite.

Kimberly Flores, showed her more than one million of followers the photo shoot in which the singer was also quite sexy, wearing red lingerie.

In the video, Edwin Luna’s partner appears posing with a rather mischievous tone to the camera, while sitting in a brown armchair.

In the publication, Kimberly Flores wears red one-piece lingerie, which strongly highlights her attributes physical, since the native of Guatemala looks quite hot in that garment.

Despite the fact that in the video, published on his official Instagram account, it was not specified what this photo shoot would be for, at the bottom of the clip it is possible to hear a part of one of his songs, right where it says “I am Kim Flores” .

Kimberly wife Edwin Luna

VIDEO: Instagram. Kimberly flowers

We do not know if it is a promotion to his next single, or is it a session for some magazine, but, what we do know, is that several users were not so enthusiastic, since they went with everything to Edwin Luna’s wife.

The video already has more than 26 thousand likes just several hours after being published and unleashed endless comments about it:

“Hopefully one day you’ll be in a major magazine and you’re not getting naked for free,” wrote a user in the video of Kimberly Flores wearing red lingerie.

Can you watch the video here.

Several comments began to arrive on the video of Kimberly Flores, wife of the singer Edwin Luna, and despite the fact that the 31-year-old woman looks beautiful in that garment, users left with everything, even calling her a transvestite:

A user wondered the following: “Now playboy does photo shoot with transvestites?”

Distancing endless comments about it: “And why do you follow her?” They question her, to which the girl responds again: “Check out my dear, I’m not following her, and don’t be offended, it’s also reality, it looks like a male.”

Edwin moon

VIDEO: Instagram. Kimberly flowers

Another user seconded the first comment: “Let him tell you photographer It must be subtle, my Kim seems macho ”.

Before this, a user calls him envious, but she responds again: “Oraaa, envy to see me as a man? Naaa, you are a nosy hahahaha ”.

“Is that photo shoot for Playboy?” To which a boy replied: “Yes, that was what he did in his country, only there it was in the newspapers.” And another girl responds: “Not even H magazine arrives JAJJA, less to Playboy.”

Kimberly flowers

VIDEO: Instagram. Kimberly flowers

To make matters worse, and when a user called Kimberly Flores as a inspiration, causing several followers to mock the Internet user:

“HAHAH the most pendj * comment I’ve ever seen! Inspiration for put% & r ?, “HAHAH if we all followed his example, how many more put% s in the world ahahaha”, “An example? JJAJA ”.

It should be noted that not all were bad comments for Kimberly Flores, wife of singer Edwin Luna, in red lingerie, since there were several users who fell in love with the beauty of the woman:

“You are beautiful”, “I love you”, “You are a queen”, “Look at that great body”, “Beautiful my dear Kim, blessings in all your projects”, “Wow, you are beautiful”.

An Internet user did not hesitate to comment on the following: “What a beautiful woman, what I say woman, is a woman, what luck for your husband, I wish you the best always, blessings.”

Recall that Kimberly Flores has always stood out for uploading on her social networks wearing her incredible body in tiny suits and lingerie.

PHOTO: Instagram. Kimberly Flores.

Such was the case when, Edwin Luna’s wife appeared in a tiny bench-colored suit, at the bottom she showed her contoured legs, while at the top, the singer also showed off a tremendous cleavage that revealed her multiple tattoos.

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