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10 Hidden Super Powers of Your Shy Child

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Is being shy always a negative? Not necessarily. Granted, it’s not good when a child is extremely shy to the point that it inhibits their social growth—but a child who is only shy around strangers can also be viewed as cautious, which is a positive trait, right?  If we just label them as shy we’re potentially judging them with our own predetermined positive or negative view. Seeing being shy as part of the bigger whole, we might be able to remove the negative stigma of this personality trait to uncover some of the hidden super powers of shy children.

According to KidsHealth: “Because of their sensitivity and listening skills, many people with a shy personality are especially caring toward others, and interested in how others feel. People often consider them the finest friends.”In a world that tends to label and group people too quickly, we have to change our mindset to see factors like being shy as components of one’s whole personality rather than as the single defining characteristic. With that in mind, here are 10 super powers of shy kids.

1. They are cautious of strangers

An infant with a pose that indicates that he is shy

A child who is very social around people they know but tends to be shy around strangers, is showing that they understand that they shouldn’t immediately trust new people.

2. They are independent

Being shy or introverted could be an indication that your child is comfortable being alone. The ability to play independently is not only is good (okay, liberating) for you as a parent, but it’s great for their growth.

3. They listen


Being shy usually means a child doesn’t do a whole lot of talking, which also means they listen more. One of the greatest advantages of you kid’s being shy is that he or she will probably be an excellent friend.

4. They have inner peace

Shy children experience an inner peace because they don’t require instant gratification by placing demands on getting reactions from others. Assuming a child’s shyness isn’t anxiety-driven, they may just be calm and content staying out of the spotlight.

5. They are cautious in everyday social situations

An infant with shy features

This doesn’t mean kids can’t interact with others, rather they gauge situations and respond cautiously. For example: When a group of kids is given a new toy, your shy child may not be the first one to grab it because they want to evaluate how the situation is playing out. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a pushover, he may just be strategizing about how to participate.

6. They are thinkers

Just as they are cautious in everyday social situations, kids may be seen as shy because they’re often lost in thought. I don’t know about you, but being able to rationalize a situation makes them more advanced than some adults I know.

7. They are focused

The son of a person working with mechanical parts

If your child can identify things they are interested in focusing on, you should nurture it. The ability to concentrate on something enriching is a skill that they not only will cherish but definitely need as they get older.

8. They are selective with friendships

Shy kids value friendships and they don’t jump in and out of them. They may be selective about who they choose to befriend as well as how many friends they have. This way they’re able to really focus time on nurturing those friendships.

9. They think before they act


Another one of the advantages of being shy is a child’s propensity to think things through. Since shy kids spend a lot of time in their heads, it’s safe to assume a great amount of thought goes into everything they do and say. This type of skill will be valuable for them throughout their lives.

10. They have a solid sense of self

They don’t need to be the center of attention and they’re cool with that. As you get older and wiser, you realize that not allowing your self-worth to be determined by others opens you up to an inner peace you only wish you had as a child. Being able to experience that during your childhood and teen years (when it always feels like you’re being judged) is enlightening.

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