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Authorities rescue 113 kidnapped migrants in Sonora, Mexico

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  • Authorities find more than 100 kidnapped migrants.
  • Five people involved in the incident have been arrested.
  • Most are from Central America.

FREED FROM KIDNAPPERS! The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office reported that the authorities found more than one hundred kidnapped migrants in a local safe house. Through a press release, they indicated that they arrested five men who were guarding the property.

At the moment, it is known that the majority of the migrants are from Central America. Migration in Mexico is becoming difficult due to corruption, drug cartels and of course, the mistreatment of these groups trying to reach the US border.


Photo: Twitter

The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE) indicated that around 113 people were deprived of their liberty by five men. According to the press release, these individuals extorted the groups of migrants and then held them captive. The incident occurred in San Luis Río Colorado, near the US border.

«In investigative actions for crimes of illegal deprivation and extortion, they were located in the place of captivity and the release of 113 migrants in San Luis Río Colorado was achieved, five males who were depriving them of their liberty were arrested,» stated the FGJE Sonora.

What happened to the migrants?

What happened to the migrants?
Photo: Twitter

Before the release of the migrants, it was announced that the complaint resurfaced after ten migrants from Colombia were also released by the Sonora authorities. The police began investigating and located the migrants from Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, among others.

«Following up on the investigations into extortion and illegal deprivation of freedom of 10 migrants, originally from Colombia, coordinated by the Sonora State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE). This time people from El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, the United States, India, Peru, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and Afghanistan were saved,” said FGJE.

How did the authorities proceed?

How did the authorities proceed?
Photo: Twitter

Authorities released a video online showing the large number of migrants inside the home and how the rescue operation was carried out. When they were released, there was a round of applause and prayers.

«The group of those affected, upon seeing the presence of the police forces of the three orders of Government, received them with applause, blessings and prayers, after being located confined in a house in the El Mezquite neighborhood, where five subjects were detained, probable perpetrators of the crimes to the detriment of the migrants,» said the Prosecutor’s Office.

Who are those involved?

Migrants are rescued Sonora: Who are those involved?
Photo: Twitter

Two of the subjects who were handed over to the authorities are Honduran nationals, while the remaining three are Mexican. This group operated among migrants who they extorted. After their capture, the FGJE released the photograph of those involved to the public.

“They were identified as Jaime Noé “N.”, 20 years old, and Axcel Yoan “N.”, 22, both from Honduras, Leobardo “N.”, 49; Carlos Aarón “N.”, 34, from Hermosillo, Sonora, and Jesús Armando «N.», 40, originally from Nacozari de García, Sonora,» revealed the Sonora Attorney General’s Office.

What will happen to the migrants?

They rescue migrants Sonora: What will happen to the migrants?
Photo: Twitter

Jornada, specified that among the migrants were 11 from El Salvador, 7 from Honduras, 4 from the Dominican Republic, 29 from Ecuador, 2 from the United States, 6 from India, 12 from Peru, 2 from Nepal, one from Bangladesh, 8 from Cuba, 12 from Colombia, 12 from Brazil and 7 from Afghanistan. The FGJE explained that they are currently receiving support from CAVID.

“To receive medical attention and accompaniment by the personnel of the Center for Attention to Victims of Crime (CAVID), of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office, the migrants were transferred to the Municipal Police Academy, where they also receive attention from a medical brigade of the Ministry of Health,” reported the FGJE.

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