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Kevin Álvarez drives his fans crazy with shirtless pics

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Kevin Álvarez sin camisa
  • Kevin Álvarez dazzles his fans by posing shirtless.
  • The Mexican soccer player has excelled locally.
  • He’s a favorite of female fans.

Kevin Álvarez, the young Mexican soccer player for Club Pachuca, has shown on the field that he’s a great athlete and many already see his future in Europe. However, off the pitch, he drives his fans crazy showing off his toned abs on Instagram.

Álvarez is a great footballer. He knows how to control the ball, has good speed and knows how to attack, which is why after the World Cup he has become one of the most valued athletes in the Mexican league. Many think that in a few years he’ll be one of the best soccer players in the world.

Kevin Álvarez is a great athlete

Kevin Alvarez shirtless

Currently, Kevin Álvarez has more than 1.7 million followers and at least 73 posts on Instagram. He’s considered one of the best looking players in the league.

Here we have some of his best shirtless pics where he shows off his daily life and travels. He also poses with great footballers like Lionel Messi whom he greeted at the end of the match between their teams in the World Cup.

“Handsome and sexy”

mexican soccer player

In this photo, he wears white tennis shoes and shows off his muscular arms and abs. He got many compliments like: “Handsome and sexy.” “Papucho and that package.” “My little piece of heaven.” “I already have a place to wash my clothes.”

Others wrote: “What a beautiful man, let’s get married, love?” “What a blessing.” “Yes, in my dreams.” “Don’t pimp my man.” “My champion.”

“Oh what a daddy”

Kevin Alvarez shirtless

In another image, the Mexican soccer player is on the beach. He got comments like: “Oh what a papirrín.” “my love” “You look incredible, my respects.” “How beautiful you are Kevin, very handsome.”

Others commented: “For me you are a king.” “I love you.” “You look beautiful”, “Good six pack.” “I would like to be a minibus driver to get on the bus stop.” “Beach is so beautiful and the one across the street is too.”

A group shot

Club Pachuca

In another photo, from Tulum, Cancun, the soccer player showed off not only his muscles, but also his handsome friends. It’s an impressive group of men.

This photo has more than 54,000 likes, but not as many comments since its attributes aren’t as easy to see with all the competition.

“Gorgeous one in the middle”

Kevin Alvarez shirtless

The young Mexican soccer player shared a video where he and his friends are enjoying some drinks at the beach. He got plenty of comments: “The one in the middle is so handsome.” “You’re very handsome Kevin.” “Pretty feet” “Yes, I’m going to want to.” “Where is that paradise?”

The video also has drone footage showing the beautiful beaches of Mexico. We understand why fans can’t get enough of this rising star.

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