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Karely Ruiz says she will collaborate with Babo on an OnlyFans video (VIDEO)

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Karely Ruiz video Babo
  • Karely Ruiz will collaborate with Babo on an OnlyFans video.
  • Whatever they do will set social media on fire.
  • “It’s going to be done, that’s a reality.”

In recent days, an explicit video of Babo of Cartel de Santa went viral. It was released for his new single, Piensa en mí, and in the OnlyFans version he appears nude. Several OnlyFans stars were seen in the clip, but internet users clamored for Karely Ruiz.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican beauty had rejected an offer to appear in the rapper’s video and fans were disappointed that they didn’t get to see the two stars together. However, apparently Karely changed her mind and has agreed to collaborate with Babo on a video.

Karely Ruiz will appear in a video with Babo

Karely Ruiz will appear in a video with Babo

There were two versions of the popular Cartel de Santa rapper’s video. One was for YouTube while the other was for OnlyFans. In the second version he appears with several totally naked models, which caused a stir on social media.

At the same time, an explicit video of Karely Ruiz was leaked on Twitter. In it, she and another woman are naked on a bed. Netizens immediately asked the two celebrities to make a video together and apparently this will happen, since she seems to have accepted the invitation.

“I’m already coming to an agreement with him”

Karely Ruiz video Babo: "I'm already agreeing with him"

According to Marca, the influencer explained that she rejected the initial video offer because she didn’t have permission from her partner. However, she revealed that she’s already in talks with Babo to make the new video: “We had it already planned before, but I had a boyfriend and he didn’t let me, but now I don’t care,” said Karely Ruiz.

Like his previous clip, this one will have two versions, one for YouTube and the other for OnlyFans: “I’m already coming to an agreement with him to put together something really cool. We are talking, that’s going to be done, it’s a reality,” said the OnlyFans star. Filed Under: Karely Ruiz and Babo video

Kareliy Ruiz was criticized

The Mexican was criticized

It’s worth mentioning that turning down the first video with Babo, Karely Ruiz was harshly criticized on social media so the influencer responded in a Facebook post. She wrote: “The same girls who criticize me are the ones who are urgently asking for Babo’s video, how crazy,” according to Excelsior.

In one of her live broadcasts, the Karely was surprised after seeing the Cartel de Santa rapper’s privates and that was when she agreed to be in a video with him: “That Babo is crazy. I was going to appear in that video with Babo, I swear it,” she said. Filed Under: Karely Ruiz video Babo. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

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