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Chronicle: Man arrested for sexually abusing his Latina employee

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Crónica Empleador indio latinas
  • Man arrested for sexual abuse of his employee.
  • Kalpeshkumar Patel touched his Latina employee’s breast.
  • According to the police, he threatened to have her deported if she refused his advances.

Kalpeshkumar Patel arrested for sexual abuse. Authorities in Bibb County, Georgia, arrested a man this week on charges of sexually abusing one of his female coworkers after trying to bribe her into giving in to his carnal desires. Police say that he touched her breasts and then wanted to shut her up.

The woman was angry at him for groping her and refused to continue enduring his continuous harassment. He offered her money in exchange for her silence. When she refused, the man allegedly tried to intimidate her by firing her and threatened to call ICE and have her deported back to Guatemala.

Kalpeshkumar Patel didn’t count on her being brave and reporting him

Chronic Employer Indian Latinas
Bibb County Sheriff’s Office

What Kalpeshkumar Patel did not realize was that the woman he was harassing wasn’t in the country illegally and wasn’t afraid of being deported so she decided to call the police.

When officers responded to her call, she explained through a translator that her employer had just touched her breasts and that he had then tried to intimidate her. She told them that he had done exactly the same thing to another 23-year-old employee before, and he did wind up sleeping with her and then paid her for her silence.

«I’m afraid that he will delete the videos from the cameras»

Chronic Employer Indian Latinas
My Store is located in Macon, Georgia. Bibb’s Sheriff

The complainant, whose identity was withheld by the Bibb Town Sheriff’s Office to preserve her privacy as a victim of a sexual assault, told investigators that she feared her attacker was going to dispose of security camera footage because she knew it had all been recorded.

The officers proceeded to question other employees at My Store and managed to get one more to confess that she had also been groped and harassed by her boss. She told them that, because she needed the job to help her family in Central America, she had chosen to continue putting up with it and not tell anyone.

Patel was arrested and charged sexual battery

Chronic Employer Indian Latinas
(Bibb Sheriff)

Patel was arrested for sexual battery. Nothing is known about the woman he allegedly slept with and paid not to say anything. If it really happened, she kept her promise to the man to remain silent.

It is nothing new for a supervisor, boss or company owner to want to take advantage of his power, authority and resources. In fact, sexual harassment at work is more common than anyone imagines. The good thing is that at least at this store, I doubt very much that the owner will do it again. Thanks for reading my chronicle today on MundoNow. Until next time.

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