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Justice for Sophia! Her mother and stepfather are charged with her murder after her father was denied custody for being gay

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  • Justice for Sophia!
  • Her father was denied custody for being gay and she was murdered by her stepfather.
  • Stephanie de Jesús and Christian Campocano Leitheim are in custody.

Justice for Sophia! Two-year-old Sophia’s father is grieving after she was abused and murdered by her mother and stepfather. Christian Campocano Leitheim not only took the girl’s life, he also allegedly raped and beat her, according to public documents from local authorities.

The little girl’s full name is Sophia de Jesús Ocampo and the brutal crime was revealed when her mother, 24-year-old Stephanie de Jesús Dada Silva brought her to the hospital saying she was ill. She said that her daughter had been vomiting that morning.

Little Sophia showed signs of abuse

Little Sophia had a relapse
PHOTO: Social Media

Stephanie de Jesús alleged that little Sophia had a relapse in the afternoon, but doctors noticed something strange about her body. She was covered in bumps, bruises and other marks. Even worse, doctors realized that she had been deceased for approximately four hours before she was brought to the hospital.

No one ever imagined her stepfather, Christian Campocano Leitheim, was responsible for her murder. Sophia’s mother thought he was a better caregiver than her biological father, because he is gay.

Her father tried to stop the abuse

They knew about the violence that little Sophia lived
PHOTO: Local Brazilian media

The little girl’s biological father said that he knew about the abuse Sophia had been experiencing for a long time, and that he’d alerted authorities in Brazil, where the incident occurred. Tragically, it seemed that nobody wanted to listen to him. He told local media that Sophia de Jesús Ocampo’s mother and stepfather wouldn’t let him see his daughter.

He noticed that Sophia had many bruises, and even a broken leg on one occasion, but her mother said that she had fallen. The little girl’s mother did not want her to live with him because he is gay.

Sophia was taken to the hospital more than 30 times

They had attended her more than 30 times
PHOTO: Social networks

Brazilian authorities, who ignored the Sophia’s biological father’s numerous complaints, verified after her death that Sophia de Jesús Ocampo had been taken more than 30 times to the public health system to be treated, but that was not all.

The couple, who remain behind bars, had a criminal record for killing a dog and her mother also confessed to police that she beat the girl to “educated her”.

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