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Julián Gil confirmed that his cancer returned

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Julián Gil's Cancer (Photos: Getty Images/ Mezcalent)
  • Julián Gil confirmed that his cancer has returned.
  • He reported that he underwent surgery.
  • «Thank you all for the good vibes,» he expressed.

The beloved Argentine actor, Julián Gil, revealed that a medical check-up showed the recurrence of cancer in his life.

Through social media, the renowned actor announced that he had to undergo another surgery due to the discovery of a new growth.

In light of this, both the doctor and Gil agreed that a new surgical procedure was necessary to remove what they had found.

Two years earlier, the actor was diagnosed with skin cancer but successfully overcame the illness. This time, he has declared his determination to fight against it once more.


Julián Gil, Cancer, Fight Against Cancer, Health, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

In a startling revelation on his social media, renowned actor Julián Gil shocked his followers by announcing that cancer has returned to his life.

‘Well, here I am again with the oncology doctor who treated me for the previous cancer,’ Gil stated in the video he shared on Instagram.

The beloved actor revealed that after a medical examination, another ‘occurrence’ of the disease was detected.

‘I’ve had another occurrence, so today I’m going to undergo another surgery because the cancer has returned, and here is my nurse,’ the actor disclosed.

«Do not sunbathe without protection»

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Photo: Mezcalent

The news, which caught his followers and colleagues in the entertainment industry by surprise, was shared by Julián Gil on his social media accounts.

In the video he posted, which included additional photographs at the doctor’s, he emphasized the importance of being cautious with sun exposure.

‘Don’t sunbathe without protection,’ the actor advised. In the images, his fiancée, Valeria Marín, was present, staying by his side throughout.

Both he and his medical team concurred on the necessity of a surgical procedure to eliminate the new manifestation of the disease.

Why did the cancer return?

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Photo: Mezcalent

Two years ago, Gil courageously faced a skin cancer diagnosis and successfully overcame the illness.

Therefore, this time he did not hesitate to let his doctor address the cameras and explain his current medical situation.

«Well, here with my doctor, who is my little angel. Doctor, the cancer is back, another one,» Gil stated in the video, introducing his doctor.

«As was the case many years ago, you were exposed to the sun a lot, particularly on your chest,» the doctor of the famed soap opera heartthrob disclosed.»

Was he careless?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The doctor’s comments suggested that the actor’s cancer developed due to exposure to solar radiation.

«You used tanning beds, and we detected skin cancer about two years ago,» the doctor explained in his recent statements.

«We need to keep a close watch on you because this could happen again due to extensive solar radiation, and indeed, it has returned,» he said on camera.

«Well, it hasn’t returned, because the one we removed from you didn’t come back. Now, a new one has appeared,» he clarified about the recent developments affecting the actor.

Taking care

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Photo: Mezcalent

Julián Gil’s courage in openly sharing his battle against cancer has offered a new perspective on the situation, and thus, he did not hesitate to disclose his medical condition.

Through social media, he allowed his doctor to discuss the challenges he is facing and emphasized the need for constant vigilance against any new developments.

«And that’s why we are monitoring you every six months, checking your entire body, from your feet to your hair, due to the high risk of skin cancer,» the doctor explained. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK HERE.

«It’s crucial to take care of your skin when sunbathing. You must protect yourself from the sun, using sunscreens with SPF 30, 40, or 50,» Julián Gil and his doctor advised.

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