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Julián Figueroa’s widow reveals the saddest thing about their son

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  • Julián Fiqueroa’s son is missing his father.
  • What did his widow Imelda say about little José Julián?
  • The little boy believes the worst about his father.

It was recently revealed that Julián Figueroa’s widow Imelda Garza Tuñón, is still living with Maribel Guardia. The actress has also shared photos and videos of the singer’s son and, in one of them, she commented that she is doing everything to keep him smiling.

In a television interview, Imelda revealed what her son believes about why his father is no longer here. Apparently, little José Julián does not understand that his father died, but his mother said that she is telling him the truth.

Imelda misses Julián so much!

Imelda misses Julián so much!

Imelda Garza Tuñón and her son have tried to move on, but the young woman pointed out that at first her 6-year-old son had a very hard time dealing with the loss of his father. What she revealed was heartbreaking.

In an interview with De Primera Mano, she said that she wants to be truthful with her son about what happened to his father. Still, no one expected what would happen with the child.

José Julián believed the worst about his dad

He believed the worst of his dad
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«First he was angry because he felt that his father had abandoned him,» Imelda, Julián’s widow, told De Primera Mano. «What I did was tell him the truth: ‘People die my love, your dad didn’t abandon you.'»

The young woman also revealed that Julián always expressed his desire to want to see his son grow up. Unfortunately, it could not be that way. Although Maribel has already said that she will try to ensure that Julián’s absence does not affect her grandson.

Julián Figueroa’s widow still doesn’t believe he’s really gone

Julián Figueroa sad son: He still does not believe death
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Imelda also said that she herself is still very affected by the loss of her partner and misses being able to share everything with him. «Julián leaves a very big gap, that is, we shared so many things, I don’t know, there are times when I still can’t comprehend it.»

«Right now I am in love with my son, I am giving him all the love I can, I am moving him forward. I have answered all the questions he has asked me about what happened to his father after his death,» she said.

Julián wanted to do many things with his son

Julián Figueroa sad son: Everything Julián wanted to do with his son
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«He wanted to be with you all your life, he talked about when you grew up that he was going to take you to have your first beer, that he was going to take you to see the NFL, that is, he had great hopes of living with you, many experiences and tragically, he died,» she said.

«I’m looking at a black humor meme, we loved black humor, and I want to send it to him and then I remember that I can’t send it to him, that he will never see it,» added Imelda about the things she misses doing with Julián.

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