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Julián Figueroa’s symptoms before he died come to light

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  • Julián Figueroa had symptoms before his sudden death.
  • More details have come to light.
  • His widow Imelda Garza explained what happened.

Julián Figueroa’s symptoms before he died. Hours before he died, Figueroa told his wife, Imelda Garza, that he wasn’t feeling well. She explained what happened the day before his death in an interview.

Likewise, Maribel Guardia also spoke about her son’s last days alive and how painful it was to receive the tragic news.


Photo: Instagram

Five days after Julián Figueroa’s passing, details of his death continue to come to light. It seems that he told his wife he wasn’t feeling well but she had no idea how serious it was until she found him unresponsive.

«His wife says that she saw him in the afternoon and that was the last time she saw him when he entered the guest room, telling her that he wanted to lie down in bed for a while because he had chest pain.» This was the first version of events given by journalist Carlos Jiménez, according to information from the Security Prosecutor’s Office, reported El Universal.

What did Imelda Garza say?

What did his widow say?
Photo: Instagram

Imelda Garza indicated that the day Julián Figueroa died he was watching tv with her and their son. They were having a good time, never imagining what was about to happen. She said he didn’t feel well but it was because he hadn’t slept in three days.

“The truth is that Julián was with us on Sunday watching tv. We were together in the afternoon and he felt very bad because he hadn’t slept in three days. He was very depressed about his father because it had been his birthday. So on Sunday, around six in the afternoon, he told me, ‘You know, I’m going to go down to the video game room and I’m going to try to sleep for a little while,’” revealed Imelda Garza.

Imelda called paramedics

Julián Figueroa last moments: Why didn't you notify the authorities?
Photo: Instagram

Imelda Garza said that she was desperate when she tried to wake her husband up and he didn’t respond. She explained that when she called the authorities they asked her to check his heart and she was incredibly nervous and didn’t think she could hear his heartbeat.

«I was trembling, thinking maybe I didn’t hear his heartbeat but he was alive… then the paramedics arrived and said that apparently he had already been dead for hours,» Imelda Garza told De Primera Mano. She was later criticized for a social media post about Julián Figueroa’s death.

Did he ask for help?

Julián Figueroa last moments: Did you ask for support?
Photo: Instagram

During the interview, she spoke about a video circulating online where a girl says that Julián Figueroa called her to ask for help. Imelda said that it was a lie. She stated that there were no calls on his cell phone from his friends and the girl wasn’t telling the truth.

“She said that Julián was a very close friend of hers and that he had called her, and that she didn’t answer him, that perhaps if she had answered the call he wouldn’t be in this situation.But the truth is that Julián had no calls to any girl from school, he was at the university and that girl was at the university too.»

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