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Judge again rejects a postponement of Trump’s rape trial

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Juez vuelve a rechazar un aplazamiento del juicio de Trump por difamación
  • The judge in charge of Trump’s rape trial rejected a postponement.
  • Trump’s lawyer asked for a one-month delay.
  • The trial will begin on April 25.

Former US President Donald Trump, is once again in the spotlight. On Monday, April 17, it was announced that the judge in charge of his civil rape trial refused his lawyer’s request for a postponement.

Trump’s lawyer sought to postpone the rape trial. According to the former president’s defense attorney, the postponement of the trial is necessary for «things to calm down.» The judge overseeing the civil trial over writer E. Jean Carroll’s claims that Donald Trump raped her years ago has rejected his request.

Judge again rejects postponement of Trump rape trial

Judge rejects postponement, lawyer says it is necessary to have a more biased jury in Trump's trial
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For Tacopina, this period is necessary in order to seat a fair and impartial jury, especially after the extensive media coverage around his recent criminal indictment.

“There is no justification for an adjournment. This case is entirely unrelated to the state prosecution,» Judge Lewis Kaplan wrote, adding that the «suggestion that recent media coverage of the indictment could hinder the selection of a fair and impartial jury on the 25th is only speculation.»

The judge had already rejected two previous requests for adjournment

The judge had already rejected two requests for adjournment previously
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In addition, the judge points out that the media coverage of the event was a «significant or total» consequence of the «invitation or provocation» of Trump himself. Kaplan has already been inflexible in the face of several requests from the former president’s defense, including several to postpone the trial.

The judge on Friday rejected two requests for a continuance from Trump’s lawyers, who insisted the former president will not get a fair trial because of the bad publicity of his recent Manhattan indictment over hush money payments to a porn actress so that she would not harm his 2016 electoral campaign, according to the AP.

A request for jury information was also rejected

A request by the lawyers to meet the jury was also rejected.
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Nor did he accept a new request from Trump’s team, delivered last Friday, advance access to personal information of the jury candidates and to use a written questionnaire in the selection of the panel that will decide the verdict.

Carroll, 79, accused Trump of rape in a book and a magazine article in 2019, something he denied by publicly calling her a liar and making derogatory comments about her appearance.

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