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Juan Toscano makes history and becomes the first Mexican to win an NBA title

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Juan Toscano
  • Mexico makes history in the NBA.
  • Juan Toscano-Anderson is first Mexican to win an NBA title.
  • “If I die tomorrow, I die happy because I already fulfilled a dream.”

The NBA finals have concluded and the Golden State Warriors have won the championship, becoming the best team in the last five years. But that was not all, Mexico also had a presence in the last game, with a Mexican basketball player who made history as the first to win an NBA title.

Juan Toscano-Anderson will go down in the history of the NBA with the Golden State Warriors. He is the first Mexican to win a final, after the 103-90 victory over the Boston Celtics.

Juan Toscano-Anderson makes history in the NBA

Juan Toscano makes history in the NBA

He did not play a single minute during the game that led the Golden State Warriors to their seventh NBA title, but that did not stop Juan Toscano-Anderson from celebrating during the final minutes when his team knew that this year there would be a sweet ending, according to El Universal.

Toscano-Anderson is the first Mexican player to touch the Larry O’Brien trophy. He was born in Oakland, California but his mother is from Michoacán.

Juan Toscano-Anderson is the first Mexican to win an NBA title

Juan Toscano first Mexican to be champion

Toscano-Anderson shares the victory with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, a team that has won the championship for the fourth time in recent years — always with the Splash Brothers in leading roles. And this time was no exception. Curry contributed 34 points to the Warriors’ victory over the Celtics (103-90), enough to win the finals (4-2) and confirm their dynasty.

During the NBA championship celebration, Juan was seen carrying the Mexican flag and declared that he fulfilled his dream of being champion just 16 days after confirming that the Warriors would play in the finals. Toscano said: “I want to be the first Mexican with an NBA championship.”

Juan Toscano-Anderson’s career

His career at 29 years old

Juan Toscano managed 4.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists in an average of 13.6 per game during the regular season for the Warriors. In the playoffs he had less time in Golden State’s rotation and averaged 0.8 points, 0.7 rebounds and 0.6 assists in 3.5 minutes per game.

Before coming to the US court, in the seven years of his professional career, Toscano also played with countries like Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Spain. After this win he said, “If I die tomorrow, I’ll die happy because I’ve already fulfilled a dream.”

Did Mexico congratulate him?

Do they congratulate him late?

After accepting the trophy with the Golden State Warriors, thus becoming the first Mexican to win an NBA title, the Mexican government took notice. They congratulated him on Twitter but something was not quite right.

“We congratulate Juan Toscano, the first basketball player of Mexican origin to win a #NBAFinals ring and a proud member of the Golden State. Congratulations, champion!” Mexico tweeted. The post was accompanied by an image of the Mexican with the title of champion, however the congratulations were late. Filed Under: Juan Toscano

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