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Juan Rivera celebrates his daughter’s graduation just when Lupillo finishes third in LCDLF

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Juan Rivera celebrates his daughter's graduation (Photo: Instagram/YouTube)
  • Juan Rivera ignores Lupillo
  • Celebrate his daughter’s graduation
  • Family conflict remains unresolved

It is widely known that the relationship between Juan Rivera and his brother Lupillo has been strained for several years.

During this time, they have exchanged harsh words, making a reconciliation seem unlikely.

However, now that the singer has secured third place on «La Casa de los Famosos,» Juan has sent a message celebrating for the most unexpected reason.

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«What a wonderful day»

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Juan Rivera celebrates his daughter’s graduation just when Lupillo finishes third in LCDLF / PHOTO: Instagram capture

Practically at the same time it was announced that Lupillo secured third place on «La Casa de los Famosos,» his brother Juan Rivera took to social media.

However, when everyone expected him to comment on Lupillo’s achievement, the opposite happened… He ignored it and possibly mocked it?

«Thank you, Jesus! What a wonderful day! Today my daughter graduated from university with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing,» he wrote.

Juan Rivera admitted that his daughter had worked very hard to achieve this and that he had been very tough on her.

«Congratulations to your daughter and also to Lupillo»

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PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

Lastly, it’s noteworthy that Juan Rivera didn’t mention Lupillo’s third-place finish on «La Casa de los Famosos» in his Instagram post.

A follower had to remind him: «Congratulations to your daughter and also to Lupillo Rivera for his third place and $50,000 in ‘La Casa de los Famosos.'»

The younger brother of Jenni Rivera concluded his post by saying that this moment in life is called ‘happiness.’

We’ll have to stay tuned to see if this leads to a new clash between Juan and Lupillo and if they will ever put an end to their feud.

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