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Juan Manuel Cortés reveals his state of health

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Juan Manuel Cortés' health (Photo: Shutterstock/Mezcalent)
  • Juan Manuel Cortés shares news about health.
  • Exams after battling cancer.
  • Positive reactions from followers.

Juan Manuel Cortés, a renowned figure on Telemundo, shared a significant announcement about his health through social media.

Taking a moment to reveal important news to his followers and admirers after facing a serious illness, the celebrity opened up about his recent health journey.

Having battled cancer twice before, Cortés recently underwent tests to determine his current health status.

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He makes an announcement about his state of health

Juan Manuel Cortés health, Cancer, Telemundo, Remission, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The celebrity, who has twice faced the battle against cancer, decided to share the results of his recent medical exams in an emotional video alongside his oncologist.

This marks a milestone in his fight against the disease that has plagued him since 2015, with 2020 being the year it recurred.

In the video, Cortés expressed, «I came to see my oncologist to review the recent exams I had done, to find out how my body’s cells are doing.»

Referring to his medical history, he mentioned undergoing surgery four years ago to remove a cancerous tumor and undergoing chemotherapy treatment nine years ago.

Juan Manuel Cortés underwent analysis

Juan Manuel Cortés, Cancer, Telemundo, Remission, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalent

The moment of reviewing the results of the exams, conducted to search for signs of cancer in his system, was filled with great anticipation.

Cortés shared with his followers that he is still in remission after facing two different types of cancer, emphasizing the importance of maintaining constant medical follow-up.

The video captured the moment when Cortés underwent the tests that would determine the progression of his health.

With anxiety, the celebrity requested that his doctor share the result in front of the camera, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and hope among his followers.

Reveal his health status

Telemundo, Famous, Driver, Illness, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Finally, with a smile of satisfaction, the doctor revealed the excellent news: «The result is perfect, thank God everything is in remission.»

This statement unleashed a wave of positive emotions and joy both in Cortés and his followers, who celebrated this victory in his battle against the disease.

The renowned presenter deeply thanked his doctor’s work and emphasized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep his health in optimal condition.

The doctor, on her part, emphasized that the success in remission is not only due to her medical work but also to Cortés’ commitment and dedication to taking care of his well-being.

Share happiness with his followers

Juan Manuel Cortés, Cancer, Telemundo, Remission, Health status
Photo: Instagram Capture

«In remission, thank God,» the doctor reaffirmed, thus closing this chapter of Cortés’s story on a note of hope.

The video, which captured this moment of triumph over the disease, generated a positive response among followers of the famous.

Those who celebrated this good news with him and sent him messages of support and congratulations through comments on networks.

«Celebrate your health! Infinite blessings!», «Amen, thank God. May God continue to bless your life,” “Glory to God, may God always keep you healthy,” they said on Instagram. To see the video of Juan Manuel Cortés click HERE.

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