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Josué Climaco and Andrés López face the death penalty for a homicide (PHOTOS)

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  • Josué Climaco and André López are accused of shooting at Raúl Yamamoto to steal from him.
  • Climaco and López face the charge of capital murder that is punishable by death.
  • Yamamoto, 38, was a dedicated family man from Mexico, married with three children in Texas.

Josué Climaco and Andrés López are part of the group of young people who planned the robbery and gunshot murder of a man in Texas. The Homicide Division of the Houston Police Department (HPD) announced the arrest of Josué Climaco, 18, and Andrés López, 17, for the death of Raúl Yamamoto.

Young Josué Climaco and Andrés López will face their criminal proceedings separately. Andrés López will face them before Judge Chuck Silverman of the Harris County Criminal District Court 183. Josué Climaco before Judge Lori Chambers Gray of the 262 Criminal District Court in Harris County.

Josué Climaco and Andrés López shot and killed Raúl Yamamoto

Raúl Yamamoto, a Mexican immigrant in Texas, was shot to death in what Josué Climaco and Andrés López along with two other young men planned as a robbery and culminated in a homicide. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

The capital murder charge, such as the one faced by Josué Climaco and Andrés López, according to the Texas State Penal Code It is the only crime punishable by the death penalty for anyone who pleads guilty after facing trial. The two boys are already held in the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston, Texas.

According to the documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico in Texas, in the brutal crime also two other adolescents, a man and a girl both 16 years old, who are also detained in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. By law, due to their age, their names cannot be made public.

Neighbors heard the shooting

José Climaco, 18, is one of the two accused of capital murder for the shooting death of Raúl Yamamoto and for this crime the boy could be sentenced to the death penalty. (PHOTO: Houston Police Department)

At 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, residents of the Broadway Square Apartments complex, 8801 Glencrest Street in the southern Houston metropolitan area, called the HPD emergency number to report a shooting in an unoccupied home. . The names of Josué Climaco and Andrés López have not yet emerged in the case.

HPD patrols arrived at the scene where neighbors told them that they had heard the shots and entered the scene. When the agents entered the apartment they found a Hispanic man who was badly wounded by several bullets. The apartment was empty, waiting to be rented, and the victim was not a resident of the place.

Raúl Yamamoto is identified as the mortal victim

Josué Climaco Andrés López
Andrés López, 18, is another of those accused of the murder of Raúl Yamamoto in Texas and therefore could face the death penalty when his trial concludes. (PHOTO: Houston Police Department)

The man’s condition was very serious after the shooting, and HPD patrols requested the presence of paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD) to attend to the victim. However, when the paramedics arrived at the scene, they could no longer do anything for the man and he was pronounced dead on the spot.

The investigations into the crime were then taken by the agents of the HPD Homicide Division who, upon arriving at the scene, identified the victim as the Hispanic Raúl Yamamoto, a 38-year-old Mexican, married and father of two children and a stepson. The great mystery for the authorities was knowing what the man was doing in that empty apartment.

Raúl Yamamoto, a gentle and dedicated family man

Josué Climaco Andrés López
Raúl Yamamoto, 38, went for some reason to the empty apartment far from his home where he was robbed and then shot to death. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

Raúl Yamamoto was an immigrant and construction worker, owner of his own business, who lived his life peacefully attached to his wife and three children as the provider of the family. Raúl Yamamoto lived in the city of Conroe, Texas, 39 miles north of the Houston metropolitan area, which added even more mystery to his murder.

Until that moment, the agents of the HPD Homicide Division did not know the names of Josué Climaco and Andrés López or of the other two involved in the crime of Raúl Yamamoto. At the scene of the murder, the neighbors were also unable to tell the officers what had happened to the dead man since they did not know him.

Why did Raúl Yamamoto go to that empty apartment?

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

The agents of the HPD Homicide Division began to investigate Raúl Yamamoto’s environment and his social networks. That was the clue that led the officers to link the youths Josué Climaco and Andrés López with the crime. According to the agents, for some reason the victim knew his perpetrators through social networks.

One of the four detainees, it is not specified which one, contacted Raúl Yamamoto and tricked him into being in the empty apartment. Nor is it revealed in the case documents what was the argument of the case that convinced the victim to go to the place in the middle of the night and so far from her home.

Josué Climaco and Andrés López, the conspiracy of the murder

Josué Climaco Andrés López
PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

According to the authorities, Josué Climaco and Andrés López, the girl and the other young man, conspired for Raúl Yamamoto to go to the place where he found death. The four agreed to take Yamamoto to the site so they could raid him. When the man arrived at the scene, the four of them assaulted him and then shot him dead, leaving him dying.

Based on the social networks of Josué Climaco and Andrés López and the other accomplices, the agents of the Homicide Division were able to link them with the murder of the father of the family Raúl Yamamoto and they presented capital murder charges since they planned in detail the execution of the murder. robbery and murder.

Detainees could face the death penalty

Josué Climaco Andrés López
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

Last Thursday, October 22, 2021, when the agents of the HPD Homicide Division verified the link between Josué Climaco, Andrés López and his other two accomplices presented them with capital murder charges and in the early morning they were surprised to detain them without incident. .

The case documents reveal a detail about the history of one of the detainees. When Josué Climaco was arrested for capital murder, he was already free on bail accused of another robbery in Houston, Texas. The HPD Robbery Division arrested Climaco for having entered a woman’s house, armed, on the night of October 31, 2021.

Grief over the death of Raúl Yamamoto

Josué Climaco Andrés López
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico.

The murder of Raúl Yamamoto by Josué Climaco, Andrés López and his other two accomplices has caused deep pain in his family and friends because his wife and three children have been left helpless before the murder of the man who was the provider of their house.

Nelly Coto, friend of the wife of the deceased today, opened the account Loss of a loving father and husband Raúl Yamamoto (Loss of the loving husband and father Raúl Yamamoto) in the social network of support and economic solidarity Go Fund Me so that the community helps the widow to face the great expenses that the murder of her husband caused her.

«He was an incredible father, husband, and provider.»

Josué Climaco Andrés López
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

“My best friend since high school… she lost her loving husband Raúl Yamamoto on Tuesday September 21 in an unexpected and tragic death… she was an incredible father, husband and provider who worked so hard to support her family” wrote Nelly Coto describing the murdered Hispanic and asking for help for his family.

According to Nelly Coto’s testimony, the deceased Raúl Yamamoto enjoyed “spending time with his twin daughters, one year old, and with his stepson… he was a generous person and was always willing to help whoever needed it… the prayers and contributions will be very appreciated in this difficult time ”said Coto asking for help for the Hispanic widow.

Josué Climaco and Andrés López, a link in the chain of deaths

Josué Climaco Andrés López
PHOTO: Houston Police Department

The crime of Josué Climaco and Andrés López when they shot and killed Raúl Yamamoto is just one more link in gun violence in the United States. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence reports that so far this year 36,382 people have already been shot dead.

As of Sunday, October 24, 2o21, of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 16,780 were murdered and 19,602 committed suicide. 33,472 were injured. The country already experienced 581 mass shootings in the first half of the year, where several people died in the same event.

Josué Climaco and Andrés López are accused of a homicide

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