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TV host who offended Lucero’s daughter, responds to the singer

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José Ramón Sancristóbal responds to Lucero (Photo: Instagram Capture/Mezcalent)
  • José Ramón Sancristóbal responds to Lucero.
  • Did he apologize for criticizing Lucerito’s appearance?
  • Controversy on social media.

Wow, they have been very busy these days in the entertainment world in Mexico.

It all started when the hosts of ¡Qué importa! harshly criticized Lucerito Mijares’ physical appearance.

After the commotion that all this caused, host José Ramón Sancristóbal, also known as ‘La Estaca,’ responded to Lucero.

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«Cancelled forever»

Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera, Lucerito Mijares, social networks, MundoNOWJosé Ramón Sancristóbal responds to Lucero / PHOTO: Meznivel

Aware that they had made a mistake, the hosts of ¡Que Importa! offered an apology to Lucero and Mijares’ daughter. It was not enough.

According to People en Español, Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón Sancristóbal spoke about the issue again on the radio show La Corneta.

«I care, really, very little. For dessert, the mother, Lucero Grande, tweeted us ‘canceled forever,'» said La Estaca.

Without letting much time pass, he addressed the singer to tell her that they were already taking this too far: «It’s no big deal, no one was insulted.»

José Ramón Sancristóbal responds to Lucero

Lucero José Ramón Sancristóbal, La corneta, ¡Qué importa!, TV program, MundoNOW
José Ramón Sancristóbal responds to Lucero / PHOTO: Mezcalo

Finally, unlike Eduardo Videgaray who was more cautious, José Ramón Sancristóbal responded to Lucero again.

«I see, from what she posted on Twitter, that she is very angry, I can’t do much for you… If you are very angry, you are going to have to get rid of it on your own,» he commented.

According to El Financiero, La Estaca also said that he believed that the jokes made about Lucerito Mijares offended people.

«In this case, apparently a lot of people were offended on social media,» concluded the host.

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