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We always came to work together and now I return home with him dead

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José Juan Ventura Hernández (Photo: Carlos Moreno)
  • José Juan Ventura Hernández lives a tragedy
  • His brother died in a bus accident
  • Mexican migrants were going to work and they no longer arrived

In the midst of crying, alone and in a hotel, José Juan Ventura Hernández assures that he is living a nightmare from which he would like to wake up.

His brother was one of eight Mexican immigrants who died after a pickup truck crashed into the bus taking them to a watermelon farm in Marion County, Florida.

José Juan and his brother, Everardo Aventura Hernández, 31, were born in Oaxaca, Mexico and it was not the first time they traveled to the United States to make a living in the countryside.

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José Juan Ventura Hernández lives a tragedy

attack, accident, bus, USA, Death
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Juan José is devastated by the loss of his younger brother. However, he pauses from his pain to tell MundoNow about the terrible moment his family is going through.

Holding back tears, the farmer remembers that he traveled with his brother in January, both entered the country with an H-2A visa, to plant watermelon in Florida.

«We have been coming to the watermelon season for nine years now,» he says.

That morning, he wasn’t on the bus. Hours passed before he found out what had happened.

His boss told him of the misfortune

José Juan Ventura Hernández, accident, Florida, bus, death
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

His boss notified him of the reversal, but at that moment, he never thought that his brother would not return to that hotel room they had shared for months.

«I thought they were hurt. When I arrived my heart burst out, because my brother was lifeless,» says Juan José while, with a deep breath, he does not let tears escape from his eyes.

It has been more than 24 hours since he received the terrible news of his brother’s tragic departure.

However, José Juan waits for Everardo to walk through the door at any moment and wake him up from this nightmare.

He can’t believe his brother is dead

José Juan Ventura Hernández, accident, Florida, bus, death
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

«I’m waiting for him to arrive, I don’t think he’s dead, I don’t think he’s dead, not yet,» the field worker laments over and over again.

Ventura describes his relative as his hero. «We were more than brothers, we were just one, he and I.»

Although the hours seem eternal, he only hopes that his body will be delivered to him soon to send it to his family in Mexico, where Everardo had left his wife with their one-year-old daughter to earn a living.

Everardo was the one who provided everything in his home.

Now he will help his brother’s little girl

victim, family, Hispanic, Latino, mishap
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

Faced with such an invaluable loss, José Juan publicly committed to his brother to help his daughter.

«As long as I live, my niece will not lack bread,» he said.

The Mexican has no words to say to Bryan Maclean Howard, driver of the truck that crashed into the bus.

He considers that he has learned a lesson from all this for his family and friends.

Give advice to drivers

José Juan Ventura Hernández, accident, Florida, bus, death
PHOTOS: Carlos Moreno

«Don’t drink when you drive, because this is what you cause. Right now it is causing us great pain,» he adds.

The pain that the Ventura Hernández family is going through is repeated in the homes of the other victims.

Cristian Salazar Villeda, Alfredo Tovar Sánchez, Isaías Miranda Pascal, José Heriberto Fraga Acosta and Manuel Pérez Ríos also died.

All victims of a driver who was allegedly driving drunk and without license.

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