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Former member of Nortec Collective Jorge Verdín ‘Clorofila’ dies

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Jorge Verdín Clorofila dies (Photo: Shutterstock/Instagram)
  • Recognition by fusion of electronic sounds.
  • Panóptica and social media users pay tribute to him.
  • His career includes work with notable artists.

In the early hours of Wednesday, April 17th, a sad news broke in the world of music.

At the age of 56, the music producer and graphic designer Jorge Verdín, better known as Clorofila, passed away.

Jorge was part of one of the most original musical groups in recent years: Nortec Collective.

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Who was Clorofila?

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Jorge Verdín, Clorofila, former member of Nortec Collective, dies / PHOTO: Instagram capture

Alongside Bostich, Hiperboreal, Panóptica, and Fussible, Clorofila formed Nortec Collective in 1999.

Originally from Los Angeles but raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Jorge Verdín left this electronic/nortech music collective in 2007.

He is primarily remembered for co-composing, with Panóptica, the musical theme «Olvídela compa,» which is included in the album Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3.

«My heart often rules over me; I wish it were the other way around, but I can’t. The songs bring back memories, they even make me cry sometimes…»

Life after Nortec Collective

Jorge Verdín Chlorophyll, Urban bullfights, I'm coming right now, records, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

After his departure from Nortec Collective, which many associate solely with Bostich and Fussible, Clorofila got down to business.

In 2011, Jorge Verdín released the album «Corridos urbanos,» which was very well received by fans of the group.

Songs like «Babyrock Rock,» «Naked Ladies,» «Discoteca Nacional,» and «Llantera» are included in this album.

Three years later, he released an EP with just six songs called «Ahorita vengo.» After that, he went silent for several years.

What did Jorge Verdín die from?

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Jorge Verdín, Clorofila, former member of Nortec Collective, dies / PHOTO: Instagram capture

According to information from Excélsior, Jorge Verdín Clorofila passed away on Tuesday, April 16th, in California.

However, at the time of writing this note, the cause of his death is still unknown.

Through their social media channels, the current members of Nortec Collective confirmed this sad news:

«We will remember him fondly. Rest in peace. Iconic track: ‘Olvídela compa’.» Reactions from social media users quickly poured in.

«You stay in my memories»

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Jorge Verdín, Clorofila, former member of Nortec Collective, dies / PHOTO: Instagram capture

One of the first people to react to the death of this renowned musician was his former partner Panóptica.

«Dang… Jorge, you beat us. You stay in my memories, knowing that together we made the best Nortec track.»

Moreover, Clorofila is recognized for revolutionizing music in Mexico, «creating a genre that fused electronic sounds along with those of the band.»

«A sensitive loss, his legacy remains and will not be forgotten; his music will be honored by those who continue to listen to it,» commented another user.

They say he died of cancer

Jorge Verdín Chlorophyll, cancer, disease, death, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

Throughout Wednesday, April 17th, more information began to emerge regarding the death of the former member of Nortec Collective.

According to information from Billboard, Jorge Verdín Clorofila passed away due to the cancer he was battling. He died in Pasadena, California.

Furthermore, the musician worked as a theatrical sound designer, according to his profile on Linkedin.

Additionally, he produced remixes for artists such as Beck, Tremor, Matías Aguayo, Rigo Tovar, and Radiokijada, among others. Rest in peace, Clorofila.

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