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Jorge Ramos speaks out after Donald Trump’s controversial Univision interview

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Jorge Ramos, Trump, interview, MundoNOW
Jorge Ramos responds to Trump interview on Univision (Photos:
  • Jorge Ramos responds to Trump interview.
  • Univision was harshly criticized.
  • The journalist issued a warning.

Univision has been harshly criticized for its interview with former President Donald Trump.

Many believe the network is showing bias, especially because the interview took place at Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-A-Lago.

It was also said that it seemed like a public relations campaign where basic issues were addressed and Trump’s answers weren’t challenged.

María Celeste herself condemned the interview saying that it was unprofessional and the network is trying to make Trump more appealing to Latinos.

Univision’s Trump interview is harshly criticized

Mexican journalist, Univision network, reviews, interview, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalo

It was expected that the 2024 presidential candidate would face difficult questions.

The audience wanted many issues to be clarified, and the former president’s policies to be challenged, however, it largely came across as a political speech.

Interviewer Enrique Acevedo chose to ask him easy questions, which sparked controversy on social media.

Users exploded, commenting that the interview should have been more challenging, rather than an easy going conversation.

María Celeste was enraged

maria celeste, politics, news, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalo

In a post on Instagram, Puerto Rican journalist María Celeste Arrarás criticized Enrique Acevedo’s interview with former President Donald Trump.

She pointed out that this establishes a «dangerous precedent on the part of TelevisaUnivisión.»

She even accused the television network of showing favoritism for the former U.S. president.

Some social media users left negative comments on the post, calling her jealous.

Jorge Ramos responds to the Trump interview

ramos responds to trump interview, univision, politics, news
PHOTO: Mezcalo

Finally, Jorge Ramos has addressed this issue, expressing his point of view in an article on his website titled ‘The Danger of Not Confronting Trump.’

His essay caused even more controversy about the Univision interview.

Ramos acknowledges that Univision’s handling of the interview generated discomfort and confusion in the Miami newsroom of the Spanish-speaking network.

María Celeste Arrarás thought that Acevedo’s questions lacked «strategy.»

Trump refuses to be interviewed by many journalists

jorge ramos responds to trump, univision, interview, politics, mundonow
PHOTO: MundoNOW Archive

Ramos begins by pointing out that Trump, with whom he had a public confrontation in 2016, would never have granted him the interview that he gave to Acevedo.

Simultaneously, he highlights the importance of questioning and confronting the former president about democracy and the rights of immigrants.

«Trump would never have given me an interview,» the Mexican journalist begins.

«On August 25, 2015, the then-presidential candidate expelled me and a bodyguard from a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, after I tried to ask him several questions,» he pointed out.

Trump was rude to Jorge Ramos

 social networks, users, María Celeste Arrarás, Instagram, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Ramos said that he was treated badly by Trump: «‘Go to Univision,’ he told me.»

«I had gone to Iowa to question him about his statements in which he called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists,’ criminals, and drug traffickers,» he wrote.

«What few know is that, after that incident, Trump allowed me to return to the press conference and ask him several questions for more than 10 minutes,» he said.

«I confronted him about his intentions to build a wall on the border with Mexico and deport millions of undocumented immigrants,» said Ramos.

The dangers of not confronting Trump

trump, bad treatment, TelevisaUnivisión, favoritism, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«Our job as journalists is to question those in power. That’s what reporters are for,» he continued.

Donald Trump is facing a variety of legal challenges: «Trump has 91 charges against him for different alleged crimes, including conspiring against the democratic system.»

«That is why it is very dangerous not to confront Trump. And that is why it is our moral obligation to confront it every time there is a journalistic opportunity to do so,» he says.

You can read Jorge Ramos’ complete statement HERE.

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